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The #1 Way Narcissists TEST New Targets

Narcissists are constantly “on the prowl” for new targets. Narcissists are emotional predators which is the reason why narcissists deliberately tell sad stories and sometimes fabricated stories to gage whether or not the target will be a good “source of supply” based on their level of emotional

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  • Acon Sona

    So true! Looking back at the people I have met that turned out to be Narcissists I recall them telling me how bad they have it and were complaining from the get go. Usually the first time I ever spoke to them. I would sympathize with them probably showing too much emotion. Next thing I knew they were crossing my boundaries

  • Shar Hughes

    Yup spot on the Narc Witch told me her son got jumped coming home from work by 4 guys, and by me being a empath I fell for it, I discarded that Witch like know bodies business, That Witch is a pathological liar to the bone, now I know how they test you I'll be up on it from now on!

  • Shay4YourMind81

    I hate this so very much, as I am an Empath. Many narcissists have this tendency to spill their guts about personal stuff right when they first meet people (red flag) and they gauge our reactions to what they say. Taking our kindness for weakness. They also overshare as a means to manipulate us into spilling our own guts about our own personal business. No! Don’t do it!!

  • Brave Bird

    When i first started dating the narc, all was well…we were enjoying each other, connecting, etc. Then out of the blue he texts me "i can't do this". I lost it! I was so angry that he showed all this love and then wanted to take it away. Now that you mentioned this…he was just trying to test to see my reaction. I must have done exactly what he wanted. We married a year later. I'm divorcing him after 6 years of abuse. I'll never fully understand these people. Took so much from me. Drained me. I'm finally able to focus on my recovery.

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