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Take This Self-Esteem Test, Plus 10 Self-Confidence Tips for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Self-Esteem Test, Plus 10 Self-Confidence Tips for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
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  • c c

    Two years of narcissistic friendship and I'm sitting here with my self esteem and self respect still intact just about!!!! I've spent this past year wondering how an educated intelligent person could be so manipulated and brainwashed. I'm still suffering the, after effects but the main thing here is I got away and I survived. This narcissist was clever spotting me and singling me out at a vulnerable time in my life. I was so carried away with their excellent love bombing I fell into their hands like putty. I can see now that they had a plan their own life plan and I was a perfect pawn to use to further their professional life and to bolster their social life. My talents and personal improvements were perfect supply. I fell for it all and together all seemed so perfect from the outside. I jumped to attention and had the narcissist back and gained confidence in myself and all improvements in my life made the narcissist look good and it was a case of well done look what we have done not look at what you have achieved….. The narcissist made a huge error they didn't know me for long and underestimated my personality. I have had huge challenges in my life and while they bruised me I always emerged slowly but stronger as a result. The narcissist pretended to listen to me pretended to have respect for my intelligence and my opinion and talents but never really wanted to know the real me at all. As long as I followed blindly agreeing to everything doing all I was asked working my butt off with this person all was great. But in gaining confidence and as I startef in excelling in our common interests cracks in their personality appeared. When I had the backbone to say no to them when I questioned their authority when I refused to be publicly humiliated for their professional gain wow did the mask slip wow did I experience the black anger the rage the silence the gaslughting ghosting hoovering the public freeze out and I saw the truth before it was too late. It's been a huge life lesson and while I was devastated and missed the person I thought I knew I had enough self respect and self esteem to realize that what I had been experiencing was not how true friendship and true working relationships should be. For a while I even thought I couldn't achieve anything without the narcissist that all I had achieved in two years was down to them. Going no contact after being hoovered twice gave me perspective. Continuing to blossom and grow in confidence in front of and without the narcissist showed me that my achievements were down to me and me alone. Self belief self reliance self esteem self respect had seen me through before this person manipulated me and messed with my head and cast me off brutally. when I said no to their game plan they couldn't take it and vehemence spewed out of them and shocked me to my senses. . Today I'm still recovering im still having delayed shock and a huge public effort to carry on publicly takes its toll. My consolation is that I have succeeded and having seen the narcissist blank me publicly over last year is a testament to my success. Their plan was to sabotage me and break me but they did not succeed. My self esteem and confidence are battered my sense of peace and my health have been compromised but my spirit is not broken. I praise myself for my strength in facing up to this person and getting away. I have been no contact for a year almost and initiated that myself. Concentrating on getting stronger mentally and physically is now my private priority. I'm learning to say no to others in my life who also have taken advantage of my good nature. I didn't know all the names for all I was experiencing until I came to this channel last year but boy did my narcissist fit the bill on many fronts and displayed all the narcissistic traits!!!! Listen to yourself trust your intuition and practice saying no that's my advice.hindsight is twenty twenty but praise be I saw the light and survived. Trust in yourself and never ever lose your faith in yourself when you give away your power you lose some of your soul and yourself. . I'm lucky I got out before I became a shell of my self. The narcissist has moved on but thank God so have I and I'm proud of myself that I was able! Im taking time out to renew myself now I need to but I'm so glad I survived and will return emerge in time stronger and wiser with self esteem dignity and faith in myself. Been tough but it is possible!!!

  • Son Iya

    I scored higher than I thought I would. I feel like my journey to discovering who I really am after dealing with years of abuse in narcissistic relationships is just beginning. I had no idea I was involved with one until it was too late. He didn't show his true colors until after being in my 15th week of pregnancy. The healing process is very difficult but worth it. I am focusing more on myself so that I can rebuild my self esteem and not allow myself to be used ever again.

  • Not So Crazy After All

    The primary NPD in my life was my mother, and I knew something was wrong (long before I knew anything about narcissism) when I had extremely high grades and in pretty much any other way didn't feel I had any serious deficiencies. And yet, my self-confidence (or maybe it'd be called self-efficacy) was extremely poor. Strange to even write it as it doesn't seem to make sense. And yet it is true. Doing better since discovering this thing called NPD and learning more about it, but still building my confidence back up (and I am in my 50s!).

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