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Health care worker Raquel Benitez observes a COVID-19 patient at the Eurnekian Ezeiza Hospital on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, July 14, 2020, during a government-ordered lockdown to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. (Representational)

Covid-19 may attack patients’ central nervous system, cause depression, anxiety – health

Frustrated temper or panic exhibited in COVID-19 people could probably be a indication that the virus has an effect on the central nervous technique, according to an worldwide review led by a University of Cincinnati School of Drugs researcher. These two psychological signs and symptoms have been most intently related with a reduction of smell and taste relatively than the additional serious indicators of the novel coronavirus this sort of as shortness of breath, cough or fever, in accordance to…

HRE's number of the day: depression among working women

HRE’s number of the day: depression among working women

How lots of women are struggling with despair and anxiety—and how can HR leaders help? 83: Proportion that depression amounts between operating ladies have amplified considering that February Doing the job women’s amount of depressed mood has increased 83% given that February, compared to 36% for doing the job adult men, in accordance to new investigate. In the meantime, nervousness degrees for functioning girls have amplified 52% because February, versus 29% for their male counterparts. Outcomes have been gleaned from…

Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare Acquires Clearview Treatment Programs - Press Release

Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare Acquires Clearview Treatment Programs – Press Release

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.-June 23, 2020- (Newswire.com) ​​​​​​Odyssey Behavioral Healthcare is happy to announce the acquisition of Clearview Therapy Programs in Venice, California. Odyssey has a numerous network of products and services managing older people and adolescents for eating conditions, psychiatric ailments, material use, and engineering addictions. Odyssey supplies a continuum of treatment like inpatient, intense household, partial hospitalization, and outpatient expert services with operations in 21 behavioral well being spots with 358 full beds and affiliated outpatient services in 8 states….

Sound healing meditation at Urban Float March 18

Meditation initiative benefits healthcare workers

The Recover the Healers Now project of Delmarva is aspect of a nationwide initiative to deliver the worry-lowering Transcendental Meditation method to medical practitioners, nurses and professional medical companies who are battling the coronavirus pandemic. Kim Bemis, head of the Transcendental Meditation software for Delmarva, claimed, “The TM program is an effortless, fulfilling, and straightforward-to-understand psychological technique for deep peace and pressure reduction. It has been correctly offered in hospitals and clinics as effectively as clinical colleges, tutorial and VA…

Thank You Healthcare Heroes: A Free Meditation Series for Those on the Front Lines

Thank You Healthcare Heroes: A Free Meditation Series for Those on the Front Lines

About To the healthcare staff on the frontlines, dealing with battles we never imagined: we thank you, we honor you, and we are imagining ofyou. You have these braveness and obtain your power each individual early morning to go into action, and you appear back again to your residence, most likely hoping to capture a second of silence. To assist your wellbeing at this time, we give a free weekly meditation series exclusively for you and your exceptional circumstance as…


Boost your immunity through Yoga and Ayurveda | Lifestyle Health

In accordance to Ayurveda, ojas (immunity) is a kapha ingredient of the overall body. It is at the heart ‘chakra’ and is the centre of immunity in the human body. Ojas supplies endurance, resistance and toughness to ward off conditions. It manifests by itself in tongue and nose. Meanwhile, Tejas (the pitta element of ojas) is the fire/ light-weight electricity which sustains ojas. tejas burns and destroys harmful toxins when activated. It demonstrates in the eyes. Prana (the vata part)…