SPD releases 911 call, dash cam video from officer-involved shooting | News

SPD releases 911 call, dash cam video from officer-involved shooting | News

The dash cam video does not show the shooting, but it shows Stillwater officers staging near Stillwater High School and responding to the man on Boomer Road.

“The man calls says he has a knife and a gun on him, and says he is a “51-50 suicide,” referring to a California police code for mental disorder and someone who may be a danger to themselves, and gives the dispatch operator his location and describes his clothing.

In the 911 call, the man says he is from California but has “no family, period.” SPD’s dispatcher talks to the man throughout the call after he claims he is suicidal and details that he has weapons.

“I’m walking down the street from 40 North,” the man said. “Towards town. I’m wearing a gun-metal gray jacket, and I have on some gray pants. I have a gun and a knife in my back pocket and my waist.”

When the dispatcher asks why he is feeling suicidal, he replies ” ’cause there’s nothing left for me to live for.” He also told the dispatcher he is headed to “hell” when she asks whether he has a destination in mind he is walking to.

The man describes during the call that he is walking to his house, but the audio cuts out due to the information being redacted. He said the house is his and in his name, and nobody else is there. 

The dispatcher asks whether something happened Wednesday to cause him to have a bad mental health episode – the man details throughout the call he’s been on multiple psychological medications since he was 5, and is 32. He also detailed medications haven’t been working. 

“I’ve been cutting up my stomach and my chest the past day or two,” the man said. “Thinking about walking into traffic. … I’m antisocial personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder.

“I don’t wanna report to anybody, I just wanna die.”

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