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Spartan Life Coach Project: Overcome Narcissistic Abuse and Heal CPTSD

Filmed and edited by Richard Willett @richardalexanderwillet and Danny Cotton @dannycdirector of Success4 studios at the Norwich Lads Club



  • kitacald

    Fucking loved it. It doesnt feel "mainstream" or "corporate" to me. It still feels like Richie, sitting on his couch and rambling about films and how they portray some mental health concept really well.

  • Brutus Wong

    I feel quite excited.. For everyone who is whining like a bandwagon hopping teenager who doesn't want anyone to find out about the obscure shit shows they call their favorite bands,I've got news for you; Richard is one of the GOOD artists that are relegated to obscurity. You're not thinking of the bigger picture,which is that any healing talent so revolutionary needs a touch of commercialism. Unless you think the world is in a state of pure,fully functional bliss you best reckon with why you find yourself displeased.

  • Kibou

    Unrelated to the video but this had big impact on me recently. Have you watched the documentary Wild Wild Country in Netflix? I can't believe the puppet master got away with it and innocent victims of the manipulation went to jail. This gives me such a bad hope for our system. I know it is not scientific but Osho meets the full criteria for a very dangerous manipulator, NPD or however you want to call me them. There's also some creepy thing in the way these people move, like floating. What the X. The way they speak, move and look it's like they are introducing orders in your brain. Very, very scary.
    Also, I can't believe that it took SO many fucking years to get rid of him. If you ask me, and someone could legally have pressed a button to remove him (and Sheela) from the face of earth, I would have agreed.
    I would have also started some awareness talks about this type of manipulation all around the schools. It's very sad and frustrated that nothing is being done afterwards. There's many, many people from the US who didn't know about this. I think it's very serious that nothing at all was done afterwards, that after all this damage, no measures were put in place to help prevent this from happening again and raise awareness. Do people actually understand what really happened or do they think that this type of things can happen only to someone else and do it's not their business and they can keep going on with their lives looking away?

  • Dorathi Catalano

    Not with my dog she was kidnapped she died at twenty three No food water outside by one of five or six that housed her. There is no microchip law here in Florida. Or any USA state. Its a loose help too too many micro companies. Many times numbers put in wrong. Screaming? A few times twice I screamed That's my dog near happy I could have said hey your turning my dog back to insane abusers. No my father had all these young home owners round here to threaten altercation. "But I have near 100 photos of her says she's mine". Intercepted by creeps when I was offering a big box of jewelry. Some gold in there. Court would have done it. Just fifty dollars !!!!!! Reminded to you all. Dad is the fake producer like world disgraced Harvey Weinstein and his friend! . Movie mogul.just made news this year. But dad never made any movie just gave my near 100 hit songs away cheap cost to the pitchman. For every artist since 1963. I wrote my siblings born from my parents open marriage hit movies TV shows and other stage master musicals. Yep me. So am I narcissistic? I'm the starving song writer? Can't pull together fifty bucks for court but which home she was moved around a three time hero dog. My first one I loved for twelve years! How did all the twenty times my dog came running by my home she was taken???? Just what I learned. Another court grievance. I've been burglarized many times. Who by the monkeys of dads of course. Actually the nobodies not acting people. Actually I got one a speaking role who turned out never to acknowledge I did that. But I was never introduced I just saw kids with near them still mom dad in denial 100 percent. Its a chapter! I But dad dating impregnating all these now adult children mom left at birth. He is persistent! With His Hollywood hitman money. He seduced each one into my vital enemy. They all live near me never introduced to me and they are mean deny me im sixty one here at the house alone with two dogs was three for seventeen years, cruel!!! Why ? dad did also more since I was sixteen. He sold dogs for cheap meat but raped them first for weeks at his girlfriends apartment NYC. One in particular. So my story has chapters on end. Sure he wrote a global hit. For Rogers Hammerstein mom wrote a hit no credit either. She went blank after. 1959 that went to the Sinatras. Do you all hate me? Rip Sheila. For ten years just one neighbor could hardly tell me she was beaten so severely the only black family. Would you know it his Hugh number of kids wife were home invaded. He had the nerve to tell the police that night. I asked for the dog. If only I went along started a firm talk. But this dirt bags mom (who previously had a daughter by dad now is in her thirties). See everyone heard dads bullshit. A guy that demanded rent from me never check or money order. For eight years. I got disgusted and turned my car back to him. Crazy depressed 10 years ago. Oh I had a plan. But meanwhile my dog was first taken by the first flying monkey. Her son dads son a known sexual animal abuser I learned by TV news two years after her disappearance. 2008. I did get Fla attorney general Pam Bondi friend of Trumps to investigate. Free of charge she did. Just to nix I made it all up. By the way. I'm related to Trump. Half sibling. Another chapter of many for the impossible book!

  • Adrian Smith

    Richard, do you perchance remember in one of your videos talking about a friend of yours (a female) talking about what they would do to torture someone; they would torture them and tell them they love them–something like that?
    Well, I just realized that that is what everyone in my family has been doing to be this whole time. There was this one girl in particular who did this so well that it got to the point where she got me into a therapists office, one whom she'd already been telling these nasty lies to and convinced them that something was wrong with me (that I was a narc or something). At the end of the session she told me she still loved me even after all of the stuff I did to her (after she tortured me extensively). I just noticed that the reason this happened was because my family has been doing it to me all along and I was just very blind to cluster b's.

  • UCF Mum

    Great Promo. You are such an inspiration for everyone because we can all benefit from your experience, knowledge and advice. I know it has helped me so much and i thank you from the bottom of my heart ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Jennifer Hartranft

    (large cheer) Huzzah, RG. Well done. Go large. Two decades of work. It has meaning, and purpose. You have been and continue to be an incredibly valuable resource to humanity. A strong, disciplined, generous guiding hand and mind. In my life. In the lives of many, many fellow humans. It is important. Thank you for being.

  • Heidi Corzine

    Richard I really need your conversation. I have no one to help me find reality. I've been in a domestic violence situation ( emotion, physical, fianacial) for 8 years. He has borderline personality disorder comorbid with ocd, and when he was young and in a mental hospital for juveniles in the us (Kansas, Topeka) he was stated with an to dissociation disorder. I feel for my partner so deeply and I wish I could help him because I know he suffers inside but I'm going to die if it continues. I can't make a decision around him, I worry around him, but moist of all I'm dam relieved when I get a break ( like when he had been arrested.) I have been wanting, thinking, planning on leaving. I listen to you as much as possible so I don't become hypnotized again by him. I need to leave that my reality. I have 3 girls, 2 are married and mothers but, one is only 15 and my continuance with this abusive man has severed that relationship. My first marriage was to a covert nar but borderline abuse is much worse. I've seriously been through hell. I've been put on probation from 2 different jobs because he hacked my fb and tormented my bosses and employees. I was lead to believe his wife died before me but she didn't she brought charges of dv agst him. I found out he was in prison f I r 6 yes for abusing his own child. He will say one thing one day as if that is the law and I must do this for him to feel better but changed his mind or says he never said it the next. I feel crazy and sick. He is in jail now as of April 9th, @ 2:10 pm. I was so excited he had been jailed. It was a fishing license charge but they found his felony dv cases not served. However now he is calling and emailing me from jail. It's serious I don't know why I haven't left for good. I've left 10 times niw but get pulled back.

  • Heidi Corzine

    Oh BTW I'm also struggling because I'm living in my car now with no job and when I met him I was making 80$ a year w a home. Now I live in a vehicle that will die soon, my brakes don't really work, I sleep in my car at night.. I'm college educated bachelor in sociology with minor in women studies. My parents are both professors in sociology. I'm very sick somehow. I have listened to your videos over and over. They make me feel good cause I see hope I just don't know how to manifest that hope in my life.

  • faux maux

    Iโ€™ve been listening and see you change for years now. Iโ€™ve identified and continue doing the work to correct the symptoms of my own abuse syndrome aka c-PTSD. Symptoms being those naughty personality defects! I would like to join in on your hangouts. ๐Ÿพ TY. Great promo, btw. I consider you a warrior. Fighting the good fight!

  • Lucas Simmons

    Recently got off of this relationship with my narcicistic girlfriend. Before that i already knew all about your channel and what you do, i was just watching you for pure curiosity on the matter, i never thought i'd be a victim myself. After 2 weeks of intense grief and wanting to bring the romance back, i now see things the way they are, i've been living in a false dream for 4 months (thank god not more), now i see she never genuinly loved me, she was cold and calculative on every stage, i trusted her words, not her actions, and now i'm in this phase where i'm analysing everything. I hope i can love someone again after this, i have a feeling this short yet intense and ultimatelly painful relationship will totally change my perception on how i see the world, your knowledge and insight will deffinetly help me go through this. Thank you so much for what you're doing.

  • Gwen Lowe

    Wonderful ad Rich! I love it! I would urge anyone who is a victim of abuse to check out Spartan Life Coach and The Discipline. Itโ€™s the perfect start onto your road for recovery and healing. Iโ€™m living proof that it works! Thanks Rich and team!

  • Asal A

    Hi Richard! I like you Very Very much, so I like this video as well ๐Ÿ˜‰
    In this video I could see/connect with the part of you that you are still working on and until the end I was waiting to see some other aspects of you that you have already empowered and highly developed them. I believe you have much more to offer than this promo presented.

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