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Society Has ‘Exchanged the God of Scripture for the God of Self’ – Faithwire

This past weekend, conservative commentator, Allie Stuckey talked about societies growing narcissism at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit.

Stuckey, who has spoken at the summit in the past, began by pointing out that women are “probably the most targeted group by deception than any other group” in the United States.

“We are told in a very dogmatic and bullying way that– not just to be a good person, not just to be a decent human being, but to be a woman– you’ve got to be a die-hard feminist,” she said.

She pointed out that in today’s society, in order to be a woman, society demands you to believe in specific ideals, like abortion.

“You’ve got to be for on-demand abortion. You’ve got to be for the radical leftist feminist agenda, or else you’re not a female at all.”

Meanwhile, society tells women “that you are all that matters,” which has created a cycle of narcissism amongst women in America.

“We are told that the only thing that matters is that you love yourself,” she added.

“We’re told that there are no rules. There are no principles. There are no standards that you have to abide by,” she continued.

This trendy form of narcissism, as she deems it, has led to the current state of cultural decline, in which many individuals see themselves as the center of the universe.

“When you believe that you are the center of your universe, you believe that you are your own god,” she said. “And if you believe that you are your own god, that means you determine your own truth– that you determine your own morality, that you determine your own purpose.”

Stuckey pointed out that this issue of owning your own truth is partially what has led to many issues in today’s current era. She argued that because society pushes females to “own their own truth” they have moved further and further away from the truth of God – the real truth.

“If you live as if your only purpose is yourself– your only purpose is making yourself happy– you will end up lonely and miserable,” Stuckey argued.

Stuckey pointed out that because so many people have become focused on themselves, and their truth, it causes them to seek a “god of self.”

“The reason that people abandon truth and purpose and are subsequently empty, confused, and lacking is because they have exchanged the God of scripture for the god of self,” Stuckey declared.

“The God of scripture is the determinate of all truth and the Giver of all-purpose,” she continued. “The god of self leads you nowhere.”

Stuckey concluded her speech by urging the viewers to find their truth and purpose through God. America has been the greatest nation on Earth because it is “defined by truth and purpose” under God, Stuckey concluded.

You can watch Stuckey’s full presentation below, it starts at 50:50.

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