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Societal Narcissism: Prosecuting The Innocent To Protect The Guilty


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  • amy grace

    My toxic mother always did her tongue between her teeth when she was very angry.
    Restrained fury.
    When you are a scapegoat in your family oftentimes this behaviour appears in other places (work-friends etc ) too.
    Untill you are aware of it
    Warm greetings from the netherlands

  • Chet Pomeroy

    I suspect that a prominent reason why this case turned out the way that it did, with Angela's help, is that more and more folks are becoming aware of the fact that law enforcement agencies and the court system are all too often controlled by toxic, manipulative, destructive people (obviously, they're not all like this). Of course, there are also the aggressive Cluster-B SJWs who manipulate the court system and have done so for decades.

  • EyesToSee

    The Gosnell case was abhorrent. I watched a documentary. I was appalled and disgusted. I'm glad the man was found innocent but damn it's ridiculous it came to that. Now his business is ruined. Thanks for all you do Ollie. You've helped me a lot.

  • rachn1

    I feel like Angie’s story is becoming all too common, and permeating to types of police work where people are most vulnerable. There are organized groups of people(they are all over your Facebook) locally in every city and state that go to work and find missing or abducted young girls and children. It just happened in my old apartment complex last week. Grass roots organization and other boots on the ground found the girl(hurt, but alive, and locked in a shed) but the police didn’t do ANYTHING. Like, nothing. It’s like they completely don’t give a crap about the first 48…bizarre. It’s really messed up that people like Angie and others have to go do their jobs for them.

  • Chance Templeton

    Unfortunately, these Cluster B types are attracted to power – and no one has more power than the government. Prosecutorial and Police Misconduct has gotten very bad…so much so that even a Chief Judge on the 9th circuit called it an "epidemic". I'm not sure where we are to go when the people who are supposed to uphold and enforce the law, are breaking it to punish the innocent and protect the guilty. Thank God for people like Angela!
    Thank you Angela, for exposing the corruption in the judicial system and protecting the innocent. If only there were more like you!

  • The watchmans eyes

    Ironically i have learned this past year of three of my neighbors who live on my street who have obtained their homes paid in full through lawsuits. They each told me in random conversations catching me out and about, And one of those neighbors coached her daughter to sue her boss for sexual harassment. Daughters boss is an attorney who was on drugs and the firm sent him away to another state to rehab so not to have him disbarred. Daughter had all the info and used it against the firm giving them no choice but to settle. Things arent what they seem.

  • sun beagle

    16:54 Switching the narrative is spot on by Ollie. Obfuscation is the name of the game, their is a pyramid created to put up walls  @      8:26  min………….. 

    This is how malignant narc, psychopath's operate, flip the narrative and then persecute innocence.

  • eajosephedward

    I hate you, I wish you were never born, I should've aborted you!!
    The nursing home is full of these sorts of parents and they'll cry "oh" why why did my children dump me in this place?? Or my children threw me away,
    Many people are unfortunate but many are flat on their backs due to the dirt they've inflicted on others.

  • Zan G

    I think it's usually garden variety laziness by the prosecutors. Convicting real child molesters requires much more thought and work. Guilty people do not cooperate with the police and D.A. Many D.A.'s count on the innocent to vent and tell their side of the story. The police and D.A.'s office can play the part of the therapist and get the innocent to talk. Then they can cherry pick statements.

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