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I’ve been practicing and I’ve kinda been getting better?
I also like writing storylines, and I’ve been planning a mini-series for a while now, and maybe soon I’ll be looking for potential voice actors?
Anyway, here’s the storyline!

Eden Hill has been diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder and is a permanent patient at the mental hospital. They have two personalities, Erin, the more feminine personality who is passive, and Eden, the more masculine personality who is aggressive. The two personalities often argue(?) with each other when they try to dominate the body. Nobody is the mental hospital likes them and it pisses off Eden. When Eden comes out, he will often have aggressive behavior, beating up people and swearing at them. Erin tries to stop this since she knows it’s wrong. Both personalities know that they are outcasts, it’s just a matter of who’s opinion wins in the end.
Erin gives up on trying to convince Eden, giving him full control of the body. Out of rage, he ends up killing someone and escapes the mental hospital. He’s now a serial killer, killing everyone who disagrees with anything he has to say. Erin still exists, but she’s more of a silent partner, only coming out when they’re alone just to have mental breakdowns.

Obviously, I don’t own anything except the storyline. Everything belongs to their rightful owners. Youtube, don’t say I claimed anything because I didn’t. ._.



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