Small details you missed in The Invisible Man trailer

Small details you missed in The Invisible Man trailer

Before he ends his life in gruesome fashion and becomes the murderous, somehow-even-more-vengeful-than-he-was-as-a-real-dude Invisible Man, Adrian Griffin appears in a handful of flashes in The Invisible Man trailer. Most notably, he’s shown sitting at a table, sawing into a steak and placing the just-pink-enough meat into his mouth. What should be a lovely evening in — Steak that probably cost close to $100, because he’s Adrian Griffin and he’s super wealthy! Wine that likely came from an exclusive cellar in Bordeaux, because, again, he’s stupidly rich! — is undercut by a truly haunting look that’s spread across his face. Adrian looks as though he’s drained of all human emotion.

If you locked gazes with the dead-eyed Adrian while watching the Invisible Man trailer and felt he looked far too familiar for comfort, you’re not alone or losing your mind — you probably have seen him before. That’s because he’s played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who starred as Luke Crain on Netflix’s acclaimed horror series The Haunting of Hill House

According to director Leigh Whannell, Jackson-Cohen will give the performance of a lifetime in The Invisible Man. As he told Empire, “When you’re looking for a character that is a villain, for lack of a better term, a sociopath looking to do harm to others, you want to avoid the moustache-twirling trappings of a villain … [Jackson-Cohen] was playing it in this really interesting way. He’s one of those actors who seems to be able to flick a switch in two seconds and go from zero to 100. He can be mucking about one second, and then he becomes this character.”

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