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Sleep and Restorative Guided Theta Meditation

If you struggle with quieting down before falling asleep, this meditation may help to reduce the mental chatter in your mind so that a state of relaxation can be attained. All human beings need to restorative sleep so their bodies and minds can function at their best.

I so hope this meditation is helpful and allows you to drift more easily to sleep.

Many abused adult children from dysfunctional homes have a difficult time falling asleep due to anxiety and rumination. I created this meditation for anyone who wishes to create the habit of relaxing the mind and the body before going to bed.

Children of narcissistic parents, who are now suffering from codependency symptoms, may be struggling to learn how to love themselves after narcissistic abuse. Narcissists tend to attract people pleasers, or codependent personalities. Because codependents are eager to please, because they seek outside validation, they are easy targets for narcissistic lovers, and friends.

It is not easy to learn how to love yourself after narcissistic abuse, but with the right codependency recovery tools, it is possible. It is even possible to find love after codependency.

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who specializes in codependency, narcissistic abuse, the law of attraction, and mind shift training.

Her books are;
The Road Back To Me
My Road Beyond The Codependent Divorce
Codependent Now What? It’s Not You-It’s Your Programming
Loving the Self Affirmations 1 & 2
Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now

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  • Melissa Carter

    I really appreciate all your guidance. I'm listening now and your S's and T's are very crisp and take away from the experience. No fault of your content or presentation. Just a suggestion for audio mastering on your next videos. Namaste.

  • chowceo

    I listened to your meditation while getting ready for the day. I also straightened out one drawer calmly and intently, I enjoyed the organizing because I was listening and it was calming.. I WILL also listen while in bed before going to sleep. 🦋

  • Elle Be

    I tend to wake up at 3am and then it's Insomnia town. Will give this a try! ♥ A lot of people on here talk a lot about empathy, kindess etc but you're words actually match your energy. You're A much needed safe pair of hands. 🙂 x

  • Sour Girl

    Hey Lisa, I don’t know where to contact you. I’m 18 years old and I’m going through a very tough time right now and I feel like everyone is blaming me and that everything is my fault. My narcissistic dad has been abusive for as long as I can remember. It’s almost like Jeckyle & Hyde though. Sometimes he’s nice & then another time it’s like he’s a monster. I finally shown a picture of some bruises on my arm from my dad to my mom and she didn’t really seem to care. I was kicked out of his house once and she made me go back to his house after he was threatening her that he’d bust down the door because she said he threatened to put a hitman on her once. She doesn’t really seem to care about my abuse and she puts her boyfriend before me it seems. I don’t have a license or job because no one is really helping me. I can’t get to the DMV if someone doesn’t take me, yet when we argue my father yells that I don’t have a job or license. I’ve tried to post about this in places and people tell me I’m whiney, need to grow up, and basically blame me for it all. Sometimes I doubt myself and wonder if I’m really being abused. For years now in secret I’ve been going by another name. I want to change my name and I’m afraid. My name makes me cringe and I’m scared of everyone’s reactions if I change it. I’m scared people will think I’m a freak. I don’t know if I’ll ever go no contact or not. I’m just always so afraid. I’m all my dad has. I’m his only child. He loves me but he hurts me emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s like he doesn’t see it. He beat me one time with boxing gloves and was laughing telling me I’m going to make him cry like it was funny. He video taped me crying as he was beating on me one time. I wish my mom at least seemed to care. She tried to force us to have a nice relationship. I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared and I feel so helpless. I want to be a police officer and work my way up to detective. I do have goals. He tells me I have none. I was wondering if you had any possible advice, Lisa. I don’t know what to do and I’m constantly scared out of my mind. I can’t believe people are blaming me for all this. It makes me feel mentally insane…even my dad told me that he babies me too much and he should’ve beat me with the belt harder and disciplined me more. Then he said I only care for myself, I’m disrespectful, and all sorts of other things. I finally called him a narcissist and he told me “that’s just something a woman says when a man does something to her she doesn’t like”. I was crying during the last fight and he told me I was having a meltdown like a (insert political party). My dad is horribly racist as well. I have no idea what to do. This is all driving me insane. My mom was beat and clawed by him to the point to where she bled. He told me to call the cops on her (this was when I was little) I don’t know how she can enable this behavior. It breaks my heart. Maybe I am just crazy.

  • Sara

    This was the best meditation for insomnia ever! You said just the right words and had this soothing nurturing energy. Unfortuntely I could barely hear what you where saying, had to really focus on hearing. I´m grateful for this free gift but would definitely buy this meditation if the sound was louder. Thank you!

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