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Should You Break “No Contact” With Your Narcissistic Mother?

In this video I just wanted to answer the question from Lori. Thanks Lori for your question.




  • Kristie F

    Absolutely! As long as we realize what the deal is .. they never loved us because they can't love .. not really .. they can say it and fake it "sometimes" but it's not real and likely never will be . I hugged and told my mom I loved her because I DO. of course she turned it around and said "I love you too remember you're the one I wanted" (family story is my older brother was a oops.. I think not but that's another story) I just smiled and said yeah I know. Not what I wanted to say but we must keep it SIMPLE! never take a comment you know is a lie into a discussion or argument. . They will always lie. . Never truly apologize. . Never love you but GOD LOVES YOU! that's enough but I'm sure there are others who really love you also. spend more time with them. NC isn't an absolute when it's family depends on how bad it is. It's easier when they are far away. But it's hard to find a card that says the truth so many say you were a wonderful mother lol uh no. But do the best you can. I go through lots before I decide which is closer to the truth.

  • Lori Murguia

    Thank you Thomas! I think your advice is very wise and I'm going to do it. I will do my part, so later I won't regret it. You really helped me! I liked the part when you talked about if they had a decision to decide who to be they would have picked to be a good person, but circumstances were not in their control. Thank you for your empathy. You are a very kind-hearted person. You have a very honest and genuine soul. Thanks for helping me see more clearly what is the right thing to do. This is a great benefit to my emotional well being and I very much appreciated you taking my question and for the very quick reply! 🙂 Keep up the great work!!!

  • darnell anderson

    yes u should contact your mom to spite her disorder, kill them with kindness, don't allow her disorder to become yours. sometimes we have to love another from a distance and pray they find jesus because he is always there for us to seek him out. no matter how upset my mom made me with triangulation and other matters of the heart not loving me unconditional I could never turn my back on her, she past away in 2015 two weeks after mothers day and I miss her terribly, but she will always live in my heart. happy mothers day to all mom's to spite there mentality.

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