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Seunghwui Koo – ‘NARCISSISM’ 2013, Chashama

Seunghwui Koo art exhibition at Chashama Window 266W 37th St.
The video shows to all my friends coming to my opening reception with wear piggy masks.

I have lived in NYC for over 7 years, and I have met a lot of people that have demonstrated marcissism. New York City has a relatively large population compared to the land size, while harboring many different cultures and races.

Money, strength, power becomes the judge of one’s happiness and success. This is why New York is one of the toughest and lonliest cities. The best way to survive in NYC, is to be in love with yourself and immerse in yourself. When you look at people in NYC, people appear happy, but a lot of people that I have encountered are very lonely and unhappy. The time spent in NYC goes quick. There is no time to spend thinking about someone else. At times, this is why it is hard to connect with someone else easily. Naturally, are has to rely on him or herself again to survive. The expressions of the pig head sculptures mimics the fake happiness of the smiles that I see. The pigs have closed their eyes while laughing. This is intended to reflect the disconnect in happiness and laugh that you see.

The New Yorker engaged in narcissism that theme expressed in my work, I have felt a special kin ship to well. The reason I identity with the narcissitic New Yorker is simple. I too am a Narcissistic New Yorker.


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