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Sensitivity After Narcissistic Abuse!

I explain the positives and negatives of feeling extra sensitive after Narcissistic abuse. The negatives being overly emotional after reading or watching sad stories, we are easily triggered by past trauma and emotional abuse. The positives being that we become more empathetic and kind gaining more wisdom and knowledge after Narcissistic abuse. We will face our past traumas and work on self healing by having therapy. I give examples of spiritual stories from my past which has helped me cope during my narcissistic healing after no contact with my dysfunctional family. The flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety and CPTSD was intense. I have learnt that we need to process our thoughts and memories from the past in order to heal properly and progress through our recovery. I hope my stories help you and guide you through your tough times after no contact with abusive relatives or past toxic relationships. I believe there is a reason why we have been put through this awakening as our experiences will make us into better and stronger people. Always think positive and our future will be bright, we now have gained more knowledge and wisdom through our bad experiences and we can pass this along to educate and help other people in vulnerable times.



  • Habiba Duval

    Really interesting story, gave me Goosebumps too. Nice to see a Brit doing a narc abuse channel, other than Richard Grannon, I don't think I know another channel. I realized that's what was different about you. Really hope it grows, your insights and stories are really useful

  • Worships Cats

    Such a touching story. I love the story your grandfather told. I too feel it was a beautiful message that he knew you were too young to understand at the time! I did not have the guidance/attention of either parent, and was the family scapegoat, as I've said. An older professional man hired me as his secretary & office manager out of high school. He taught me so much about business, the way healthy people interact, and brought me in touch with his wife, kids, etc., where I was able to see how a normal family functions. Although I was very "closed/rigid boundaries"and afraid to talk let anyone get to know me, he somehow saw this, and I believe he knew I had been abused. He had a gentle way of drawing me outside myself, helping me figure out how to take my first steps in life, paid for my first college courses. I moved on from that job & got married, but he told me once "you'll be fine but some things will start to come back when you are about 30." I was very shy/quiet, so I never asked what he meant by that – it just floated around in my mind for years. However, things started to come clear about Narcissistic abuse and my family, I was forced to start dealing with all of this after turning 30. He had passed away by then but I came in need of a job again and went to a temp agency. The agency sent me directly to his friend and former business partner, someone whom he trusted & had been a close friend of. This person again was able to ask me pertinent questions and draw me out. He hired me, helped me out with my family situation, etc., and we both were able to reminesce about our old mutual close friend. I have always wondered if my old boss could have been some kind of angel in my life, sent to me since I had no one else. It was hard to believe, but I'm looking at more closely after hearing others experiences:)

  • Claire Mounsey

    I feel totally compelled to watch your videos. I'm so sorry your parents were cruel to you. How can an adult be so horrible to beautiful little children?
    I have similar stories about my childhood. One grandmother who knew how to be kind. She would do things like hold my hand. So simple but when you don't have affection from your parents then memories of an adult who was kind mean so much more.

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