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Secret Tactics of the Narcissist Smear Campaign

Secret tactics of the Narcissist Smear Campaign

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All work in this video contains 100% original content of and by myself James Smith, other wise known as begood4000, and was uniquely created with NAWMAL software, by myself James Smith. As I’ve purchased commercial rights from NAWMAL to produce my unique and original video with this software. Commentary is uniquely my own thoughts, feelings, and expressions.



  • Miss T's Be Savvy

    They are splitters with a god or Jesus complex and project all bad feelings and traits onto the target. They tell word salad stories, like parables, that subtly tell lies about the target. They put a dumb look on their face while they tell the story. So they'll say "she has a big heart she gave the money to poor people." What she's saying is she's a liar and thief. They use subtle innuendos and indicate. They cringe and act afraid. They come right out and tell people the target is a manipulator and instigator. They are genius at the pity ploy. They nitpick and move the goal posts. Perfectionists. Intermittent explosive disorder with self righteous rage for an audience. They tell the scapegoat child she has certain negative traits but they make it sound good. They define children's reality. They hurt the scapegoat to make the golden child feel good and ignore the scapegoat child's tears as if she's just manipulating and a complainer or a Sarah Bernhardt. They are extremely convinced they are all good people. They act like David versus Goliath and act like they're heroic. They believe their lies. They make faces that indicate in so many ways and it's because they honestly believe the target is a loser worthless stupid whore miserable moody unconventional liar manipulator instigator thief bully aggressive and ALL BAD THINGS. with no data. Refuse logical discussion. Refuse to look at the context. Double standards. Princesses. Stonewall because they think it's sweet and peacemaking. They grandstand and compare. They boast. They confabulate and get people on their side and act like mother Teresa. They tell outrageous lying stories and people protect them and don't tell you. They control communication and have minions and say she's living in the past if you try to talk about the abuse. They think other people's children love them more and brag about it. They don't know it sounds unempathic and invasive. It is egomania. They think they are empathic. They say things to make you look bad to an audience when you are on the phone and you just feel baffled because it doesn't make sense. They view themselves from outside their body like a movie star. It is mania. People are just objects in their drama. Conversational masterbation. People are just props. They say cruel things and you don't understand it and it's because they are jealous and think others are jealous. They think they are making you jealous and "getting" you. You are just clueless and think they're strange. They think That you are the villain in their drama. That you deserve it. They stir up the mob. Mayella. They play rapo games. They lie to you for decades. They feed off your complaints about flying monkeys they sick on you and glow with euphoria in a trance. It is mania. You have no idea they are triangulators and two faced backstabbers. They paint a picture of you being a narcissist for decades before you find out the truth when you finally do an open dialogue wth the whole group. Then the truth comes out and the logical fallacies and ciercive persuasion and propaganda techniques are seen clearly. They hate an open group dialogue but the minions are so dominated in their cult that they are terrified to face the truth. The mob sees what it wants to see. They triangulate so much with charm and people around them have an external locus of control and follow them blindly and it's all about see no evil hear no evil and speak no evil. They have no voices. They just parrot the control freak who promises nirvana and utopia. It's like prison gang mentality. A minion will provoke you and you will fight and then they have confirmation bias that you are wicked because they twist and spin what happened. They love secrets and shadows and lies and politics and propaganda and distortions and osychological warfare and group loyalty and these are all things associated with human evil and satan. They love new age occult belief system and also they will be phony Christian Pharisees and twist scripture for their purpose as in the jezebel spirit. They are extremely persistent with the smear campaign and play the victim. Open dialogue exposes their games. Transactional analysis is extremely helpful to spot the games and people who can't handle confrontation and leveling and genuine mature intimacy and repentance. They almost always have an addiction to try to fill up the god shaped hole inside.

  • Roxanne J. Ridge

    Wow. I think our mom was living a double life. Lol. My mom was and still is the same way except for the party throwing.She wouldn't ever vomit words of celebration for me even if it were a lie to lure them in. My Mom was the cool mom, many people called my mom "mom". She interrogated everyone that she could find a phone number to tshe'd always make it sound like she was concerned and worried about me just so she can lie about me same lies as your mom, that she's scared of me etc etc. My Mom is the OCD malignant narcissist. She took my first born child from me without a court hearing now he's 20 yrs old and she molded and shaped him into a narcissist as well that way i will never have the opportunity of being his Mother. She praised him he could never do no wrong, she raised him to believe she was raising him to protect him from me. I haad a chance to have my Mother thrown in prison for all that she did to me and then to my first born son….but….feeling sorry for my Mother is what she engraved into my brain since i was born. I couldn't do it. But she is first one in line to frame me for crimes i've never committed thank God i get released with case dismissal reason is no evidence.Narcissistic Nother's are the devil straight up.

  • thundavolt

    My Narc tried to befriend my closest friends. Unfortunately for her one was in the middle of a divorce with a narc and the other was way too reasonable to buy everything everyone says. The latter friend actually identified the key issue. When she tried to smear me he asked her if there was anything she had done to cause my reaction and if I had ever done anything like before for her to come to such harsh conclusions about me. She denied any responsibility and he thought that was really strange and advised me to cut her off because she clearly didn't care how she had affected me by doing that. It also doesn't help her that she's not that intelligent and was intimidated by most of my friends as they have actual careers.

  • bjohnson wood

    I am only now discovering how many similar lies (hidden from me under the same guise of “I am afraid of him.”) my ex told about me to nearly every person I knew. I lost dozens of friends as a result and never knew why. Now I do, but for 24 years I trusted her and wanted her to be an integral part of my life, so I gladly introduced her to nearly everyone I knew. Most of those relationships (and one graduate school level career) were destroyed by a person who I thought was my ally but who was acting as my enemy the entire time.

  • Survivor Thank God

    My mother destroyed several of my relationships in the same manner. She would wait until I leave the room and befriend all of my boyfriends, slander me and destroy my relationships. She destroyed my marriage. My soon to be ex-husband told me on my wedding day as he danced with my mother, she talked about me in the worst way. My ex told me she waited for me to walk away at a fashion show (the first time he met her) and told him I'm a cheat. It destroyed my relationship once again. She befriended all my friends on facebook and would send them private pictures of me. She targeted me and worked so hard to destroy me. I almost died literally.

  • Venu Monga

    There will be no narcs in the society if we stop dissecting.Intellect is used in a wrong way and for wrong purposes and so it creates narcs.Stop it and narcs will change.What i see us that there is no tolerance left.

  • 77 doves.vs.devils

    So true everything you say is so sadly accurate, staying away&not revealing any personal details about your life to a Mom like this,is the only way to stay safe!!!! My mother was &is the same,im glad your living a more peaceful life& sharing your experience,it helps:)also to help others on how to live a more peaceful life&that way relationships are not ruined,thank you

  • Jennifer 8

    When you talk about the smear campaign your mother did to you with your friends and others; what kind of look did your friends and others give you afterwards? I'm just curious; was it a rejecting look, despising or disgusting look, WHAT?

  • Tom S

    True. Most anyone I know in the past, after meeting my wife, gradually becomes cold to me. I have eventually learned to build a new social circle and now refuse to have them meet my wife. These new relationships continue to be fun for me, healthy and not contaminated with petty venom. Took many, many years to discover this for me. Hope this helps someone out there.

  • eve romero

    It is still so difficult to imagine that people can be so evil and mean. Sometimes I even think about my narcissist and letting him back in my life. I kicked him out right away so I did not experience his full and complete evil tactics. But he left me for dead, and he taunted me and made me feel worthless and hopeless. He gas lighted me and I went crazy and blamed my self. He took a lot, I mean a lot of money from me. My nest egg is gone. That part does not bother me so much because I have a good job and I like to work. It bothers me more what he did to me emotionally. But, I never got the full Monty of his abuse, and I thank my lucky stars that my anger and intuition kicked in and I kicked him out. When I watch these videos, I see so clearly how I avoided so much more abuse that he could have done to me. He was just getting started. These videos will save me from letting him ever return to finish his evil plan.

  • Heavy Joe Chipman

    People coming over to visit and hang out with me, my peers, girlfriends, etc…My mother would lure then latch onto everyone of them. Tying them up in mindless conversation, peppered with smears and jabs aimed at me. They'd end up spending the whole night, being accosted by her. I felt like a spectator on the sidelines, watching my own life, happen without me. Like I was robbed of the whole experience of having my own circle of friends. God bless James. Thanks.😁

  • Jessie Pyron

    Thank you this story I’m having a hard time trying to figure out the people that have been in my life and the damages that they have done. It’s hard to follow the trail back to what has happened but the crazy thing is that a very dangerous person that was in my life has planted themselves in my old life with all my old friends. I’m wondering if the vail will every come off and if people will see through the lies. I wish you would share about the people that finally seen through to what you’re mother was really doing. Thanks for all the stories.

  • Chiamaka Onyema

    Every victim to narcissistic abuse tells the same story which has a striking similarities to my own story, from a narcissistic abuse by my own siblings and my mother as well. My siblings (Sisters) and Mother are so hell bent to tie me down for their supply adopting the same tactics and means, which you made mention in your video chat. How fascinating keep up your good words with your kind words of advice. The sky won't limit you. Shalom

  • Ron W

    I went full no contact almost three years ago with the narc I knew. He doesn't know anyone that I know now. Any smear campaign he tries can only be with waiters at some family owned restaurants that we went to and who cares what a waiter you don't even know thinks or believes? Other than that, there were a few people I met through him but I only met them once or twice and they were never part of my life.
    As for narcs, they're constantly smearing everyone they know. If they're with persons A and B, they're smearing persons C and D and vice versa and every combination of A through D one can think of. Most times the stories they tell about others or events that have happened are filled with lies and misrepresentations so they can play the morally outraged victim who's been done wrong so they can get people on their side as well as be perceived as a "better person" because they "wouldn't do anyone like that." Another game they play is similar but it's done to put down the other person as being stupid, unintelligent and behaving in ridiculous ways so they can present themselves as intellectually superior and amused by the antics of "inferiors" they know- all in a very condescending way. Any story the narc tells you about others, you can count on it being twisted and filled with lies, misrepresentations, distortions and misinformation just as the stories they tell about YOU are filled with lies, misrepresentations, distortions and misinformation.
    IF someone both you and the narc knew asks you why you no longer associate with the narc and you tell them the truth and the narc finds out, the narc will fly into a rage and do everything they can to retaliate by calling you a liar and claiming that you're the one who was doing all the things that they were actually doing and will play the poor, innocent, downtrodden victim. They'll also reveal private info they may know in order to try to create embarrassment as part of their revenge and have people whispering and snickering at you behind your back. Of course, that private info will be full of lies, distortions and twisted embellishments and they'll be mocking you to others the whole time.
    Personally, I don't have to worry about it because like I said, the only people he can babble to are waiters at restaurants we used to go to. Other than that, he can rant and rave to people I don't know and will never meet and play his games with them. It can't and doesn't affect me in any way at all. That'll drive a narc nuts but they compensate for that by getting feedback from strangers you don't even know by telling tales about you and playing their games of being morally superior, more intelligent and having been done oh so wrong (the sacred martyr routine) while feeding off the sympathy and "support" they get. If they become "friends" with anyone, they'll be doing all this same stuff to them in all the same circumstances- it all follows the same pattern on a very predictable repeat mode.

  • Diamond Eagle

    that is a skill my mother has too – she smeared me to neighbors, relatives that did not know me too well, which were kept away on purpose – all had to feel sorry for her. She ran the family like a cult leader – we were alway kept segrated – and she didn't want my father's family around ever because she was bad mouthing my dad to us and did not want us to say something we may have said innocently – she bad mouthed them too and then she bad mouthed me when I grew and was made an outcast by her – she wanted to make sure I could not go visit them so I would have no one – no family, not my children and nobody. Even if a friend called the house wanting my phone number, she would not give it to them and then act like she was just keeping my privacy. How much she has stolen & cheated me out of, only GOD knows.

  • Robin Lindberg

    I'm not a perinoid type of person but…. after this crap with my Narcissist brother and this Psychopath Director Of Nurses at my dad's nursing home…. I'm learning, as you said, these evil ones can lay dormant for years, lay in wait for the perfect time…. It's like this last lawyer I had…She said just after I hired her, "You know, – your going to have to trust someone…." She was right. I fired her a week later.😀 Best move I made in a long time. -I trusted MYSELF, and it felt good to get rid of her.😁 I'm doing far better now. Thank you very much!

  • Robin Lindberg

    I am sorry about all the crap…. HELL you went through with your mother James. My heart goes out to you. I imagine you as a kid going through this and I get a sickening feeling in my stomach about her!!! I hope you know ALL WOMEN ARE NOT LIKE THIS…. There truly are very good women out there who would NEVER do this kind of stuff to anyone let alone their own children!!!

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