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Ghosted! SCORPIO General Reading for Why the Soulmate Blocked You! Please check your Moon, rising, or Venus if it does not resonate!!

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All readings are general! These are meant for messages, insights, And guidance. All paths are different outcomes. As always know to trust your own intuition to follow your path!

FYI . I am not a traditional tarot reader as I do not focus on cards alone . So I do not call them out or display.
I also do not focus on signs as every sign is always in every reading and makes no sense in my opinion as it’s a collective reading. if for some reason fire takes over reading.. I will call it out if not it is confusion to listen to all these signs being called out!
Every reading is a general and never personal!
All energies can be reversed!
If it’s not resonating check your other signs!
It’s impossible to resonate with everyone.

👀Crosswatchers. Know these readings are general ! If it’s not your energy.. then do not take the meas again not personal!

Warning ❌that these readings can cause triggers and may not be for you! They can be painful, so please watch knowing it’s with best intentions for growth, insight, and different perspectives!

❤️If you have a mental health condition, please know that this is entertainment and not medical advice! If you feel extreme as in harming oneself or another including anything, dangerous , abusive, stalking, or violence …seek help with professionals as soon as possible!

💔Please know these readings are never intended for narcissistic/psychopath/sociopath connections or any abusive connections! Or anyone that steals from you!As these can resonate and will never provide any answers or clarity! Tarot should not be watched for these connections as
Please research these connections as these are not soulmates or healthy love connections and the proper guidance can not be found! You will find yourself in a vicious cycle!
please refrain from watching!

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(there are no free personal readings offered

Turnaround time is 48 hours! And I can’t accept e-checks as they take 3-5 days to clear!

Email format only reading offered! ! Made for quick spreads with specific questions. No generals please!
1 questions is $11 usd
2 questions 22
3 questions 33

Video format- is made for general or specific questions. you will receive a private link that will be about 15 -30 min
Private link will be sent to you within 48 hours.

4 question Video -$60 usd

Emergency Reading -add $50 to any reading and receive in 2 hours!

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