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Red Flags Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder-ed People

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Symptoms :

# They are super egoistic. They praise themselves a lot.

# They will belittle your ideas either subtly or overtly.

# You will get a feeling like they behave differently in front of different sets of people.

# You will feel like they are acting all the time.

# They will pick up on your insecurities and poke you with them in any possible situation.

# After a while if they decide to pick on you, they will try to downplay any idea that you might have,

# There might be a lot of devaluing of your ideas, emotions.

# They might make you think and believe that what you ‘feel’ is wrong.

# They might try to separate you from your close loved ones.

# They might engage in separation via various means – gossip, praising only one sibling – not the other, putting a wedge between loved ones.

# You have to walk on eggshells when around them.

# They can completely destroy you with words but if you try to stand up for yourself, they blame you.



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