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Recent Developments: Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) for Borderline Personality Disorder

Professor Anthony Bateman, MA, MD. FRCPsych – October 2007




  • cat bane

    Interesting and sensitive.When you told the BPD girl that even though you're a man you can still multi-task and .therefore look out of the window and also hear everything she says at the same time, you should have replied "What window?" !!!!

  • cat bane

    The girl who says "Whatever whatever whatever",she's acting like a teenager in desperation who was never validated.She feels like a hurt child and therefore acts like a hurt child.She was just testing your stayability and truthfulness and loyalty before she said a single word in a vulnerable state.Did she get a stayable and real and honest and truthful and genuine therapist?Because if not she'd have been right out that door.BPD therapists must know that BPD's are 100% untrusting people.

  • cat bane

    You said she didn't know how to tell you anything about how she felt,so she kept saying" whatever" and you didn't know how to deal with that effectively.She did know how to deal with you and what to say but chose not to.That is a BPD's prerogative.Test, rebel, then share if she feels totally safe and unthreatened.She knew full well.But for her safety and to secure her own place she tested you to your limit.It's kinda like a game to the therapist but not at all a game to the BPD patient.

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