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Real life example # 1 of a Narcissistic Mother, Somatic Type

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Real life example #1 of a Narcissistic Mother (Somatic type)
Somatic Narcissist: A narcissist that uses looks and appearance to get narcissistic supply
Video Outline
• Example of double bind narc mother uses on her sons – two choices A and B and if you choose either, you are punished or labelled a bad person- it’s a complete no win situation
• Brief description of narcissistic mother
• How narc mother gets supply
o Attention from men ( using her looks)
o Abusing and controlling her children
 Making her daughter feel terrible
• Her children’s problems
• How she does the sweet mean cycle
o Giving money
o Being fun and paying for stuff
o Future faking – future promises of stuff in future she intends not to follow through on
• How do children handle things?
• All the children experience 100x or more negative emotion than others not in a narcissistic family unit, including shame, guilt, fear, sadness, and anger ( all this unnecessary suffering because the narc loves drama)
• Daughter goes limited contact for some months, mother hoovers and sometimes love bombs by apologizing and saying she’ll change, or she’s troubled or lonely, and then daughter resets and starts relationship over again
o This went on for 8 years and counting
• Brutal reality they can’t accept yet ( This mother intentionally harming her children, doesn’t care and will do it until she dies because she lacks empathy and it makes her feel powerful and special ( that narc supply) It took me a long time to swallow the brutal truth about my own family so I kind of understand why they would reject evidence that their abuser has intentional sadistic harm and enjoyment from it
• Narcissistic mother’s romantic relationships
• Most of the female narcissistic mother I’ve encountered are not Somatic, meaning they use something besides their looks to get supply
o All narcissistic mothers abuse their children



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