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Pure O: Thinking the Unthinkable (Extreme OCD Documentary) – Real Stories Original

Pure O sufferers are tormented by unwanted thoughts. Their heads are constantly filled with intrusive images of violence, rape and abuse to the extent that they begin to believe they really are murderers, rapists or even paedophiles. With such disturbing symptoms it is often difficult for people to come out and talk about it.

‘Pure O: Thinking the Unthinkable’ brings this largely hidden mental condition into the light with the help of four courageous Pure O sufferers who explain frankly their experiences, fears and hopes.

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Pure O Advice Lines

UK: OCD UK 03332 127 890 /
USA: / 617 973 5801

Pure O Charities

UK: OCD Action / 0845 390 6232
UK: OCD UK / 03332 127 890
US: International OCD Foundation / 617 973 5801




    Guys I want to just say that I'm 14 and I have this ocd. I was so scared guys when I tell you my life for the past 3 months has been so depressing and miserable I was afraid of becoming a monster and I was scared to tell my mother the things I thought I didn't think her or anyone would understand. They were treating me for regular anxiety the kind where you worry about your family getting hurt or your friends but not this kind where your afraid YOU will hurt them. If you don't have this I want to tell you it's really the most scariest feeling and it goes on for what feels like forever. But it does get better. Ever since I searched it up and I've been reading about it I've been a little more comforted that im not the only one with this, and that I'm not crazy.

  • trending dancers

    For the past few months I have had the overwhelming fear that I am going to start screaming or causing a scene at an event like a school assemebly. It's very scary because i know i dont want to do it but then my brain keeps questioning "what if I do want to do it?". And it's scary because it feels so real and I become terrified that I will lose control of my body even though I am certain I won't.

  • Darren Williams

    I suffered from pure OCD for years all the worst denominations, harm both physical and sexual, possession, suicide every terrible kind you could think of always morphing and reassessing with my own fear. I unexpectedly cured this with my first time use of an entheogen (LSD), it was so miraculous that I was recently compelled to make a video with the hope that those being tortured as I was may find relief in a similar manner. Prescribed medication for OCDs, antidepressants and SSRIs are an abomination. It would be necessary to come off those first before attempting any entheogen based cure (LSD/Psilocybin) as they interfere with the way psychedelics react with the brain and serotonin receptors and in some cases suppress all effects entirely.

    – I wish peace, love and healing to all however it may be achieved.

  • aisha Yolanda

    A friend of mine suffers from this illness, and she is not yet diagnosed .she is always having very disturbing thoughts, has extreme fear especially when she has to sleep because she thinks if he sleeps she will die. And her family doesn't understand and not supportive instead they just tell her do not think such stuff or else you will go crazy. I had taken her to a hospital and she got an appointment with a psychology but just found out she never went back and I'm ready worried now as I'm out of the country and lost contact with her :'(

  • Teresa Scott

    I was in treatment, and I thought I had voices in my head. I got diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder…which was far from the truth! I didn’t understand what was happening, and it took me years to get a diagnoses because of the sigma, I didnt know what it was. All day, everyday, I have thoughts that if I say my thoughts out loud, that it would be a jinx and my thoughts will happen. I spend hours searching up news, because anything that happens is because of something I did, said, or didn’t say or do. (Even if they were in a differnt country I see people and I have this thought about snapping thier necks or sliting thier throats. I am fearful of people, and I isolate myself (even in public) because I’m scared I will act on my thoughts. I have thoughts of everyone around me stabbing me in the back. I swing my head around over and over to make sure nobody was there. I thought that if I didn’t ever talk then I had a low chance of hurthing someone. Of course I still have to follow time consuming rituals to a T otherwise horrible things will happen. Ocd is so lonley and isolating. I also have contamination ocd (unrelated to pure o) but I feel like I can’t touch anything, or if I do I’ll get hiv, aids, cancer. I’m so afraid of tap water and food because I constantly think there are parasites in my food. I avoid water at pretty much all costs. I have been to hospitals do to severe dehydration. I have also lost so much weight. I used to have to O.D. , not because I was suicidal. But, because I needed to find a way to the hospital to see if something is wrong. I also can’t say symptoms outloud. Which is why I O.D. Many times. There is so much more but when the guy said he thought he was schizophrenic I really felt that!

  • Chlxe

    I think on of my friends is suffering from this, or something similar at least. Does anyone have any tips on how to help him? its really concerning me and I don't know how to help him anymore.

  • jerry tom

    I have pure o for 8 years,it’s so hard to talk about such feeling to the people who don’t know about it.And it maybe the worst things that I have to deal with since I was born.But I find so many people who suffer from ocd still work hard and share their experience to help the other one,and that give me the courage to defeat such illness.

  • icecold723

    I'm a pure-o sufferer, and life is a suicide. I hope more people be open to this, And I'm encouraging my fellow ocd sufferers to seek professional help.

    There's no shame of hiding it, the more you hide it the worse it gets….God bless.


    OCD in Health Anxiety is probably one of the scariest OCDs.
    I am suffering from this for a year now and i have this obsessive thoughts of catching cancers and all kind of life threatening diseases.
    Everyone here who is suffering from OCD, take a deep breath and it's all in the mind.

  • i'm a alien

    Thank you so much for posting this. I suffer from bouts of OCD, and am going through a particularly bad patch right now. In fact, I had a horrible panic attack a little over an hour ago. The thoughts just get so overwhelming sometimes, it helps so much to know I'm not alone.

  • Martin H

    Does anyone deal with sensorimotor OCD but with thinking/thoughts. I am constantly aware of my thinking and thoughts it's horrible. If anyone who has suffered from this can you please help me. ERP and mindfulness don't seem like a good fit for this because it requires being aware of your thoughts!

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