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Protecting Children From Exploitation and Narcissistic Abuse in a Sick Group

If family members play these games with you and others, they will infect your child. Children see the power and control plays of lying manipulators as powerful. Being aware of these tendencies gives you the tools to explain healthier moral principles to your child, and to reassure him and reason with him about what is bothering him. These manipulators are extremely persistent and focused on infecting others with their delusions. The beautiful thing is that if you have an open family dialogue you can uncover and discover the game. It’s nice to understand what are the symptoms of people in dysfunctional families and to learn about more functional behaviors. Learning about children’s developmental levels is really helpful. Children learn through play. If you notice family members who don’t seem to understand there’s enough love to go around and callous about other people’s feelings, it’s good to have family meetings where everyone has a chance to be heard about concerns and decide what the rules and values are. People who don’t seem to understand the importance of a child’s relationship with a parent or concern about abuse of certain people have issues that need to be addressed. Children need to feel secure with clear rules and not have a parents authority undermined. It’s good not to spread ourselves too thin and focus on priorities. It’s really important to talk with children about their concerns and explain things to them very clearly. If they’ve picked up delusions it’s important to challenge the delusions and reassure them. Children will keep family secrets and act out the drama. It is incredibly difficult to understand a child who has been alienated and very demoralizing. Especially if you are being gaslighted and abused by other family members in a cycle of abuse and feel overly responsible for everyone. And your problems are music to their ears. Alienated children are conditioned to participate in the cycle of abuse and sadism addiction. And to act out their rigid role in a state of fear, obligation and guilt. It’s a shame to have people who don’t see the child’s distress but just use him. My sister defined and smeared my child to me. Intrusive narcissists program and manipulate other people’s children and sneaky. No boundaries or conscience. I don’t understand people who don’t see the importance of the parent child bond and see themselves as so entitled and they really have an incredible lack of empathy, insight, and consequences. It’s really good to be clear on what abuse is and is not. Children test the boundaries that’s normal. They deserve not to be put into an impossible double bind. It was incredible to do the open dialogue and to hear the level of sick game from the family control freaks. Bingo. Mystery solved. Destructive people. I honestly believe the witch craft and new thought belief systems are destructive. I know they are. It’s also a strange mix with super conservative parents and definitely fascistic. Long live Mary Ryan! Everyone is invited to the party. The destroyers were lucky I wasn’t there. All you need is one person to call the police. With common sense. Destructive narrow minded people suck. It’s amazing how the retarded girl took revenge. Never underestimate “retarded” girls. As every manipulative evil witch knows. Hi Mr mein you’re a super jerk. It is sociopathic to play the big protector and target a person for destruction without getting both sides of the story. Lies are truth to some bigots. TD was targeted by Cathy. She pit the same teacher on me and stood there glowing. Pathological liar. So excited when he failed that class! Machiavellian. Shifted blame to Lauren. Spread lying rumours and shifted blame. They rage over little things for the audience to cast shade on the target. Staging and framing games. Soap opera villain. Disagreeable element. Sociopathic abuse can cause people to have nervous breakdowns. Joker rules the world. Evil is reframed as “fire”. Emotionally incested children often end up fat or bulimic. Or cutters.


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