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Projection: A Narcissistic Tool for Deception — Evening TV

In Projection: A Narcissistic Tool for Deception we talk about how we participate in the narcissists deception by projecting our good qualities onto them, and to refusing to believe them when they tell us who they are through their actions. We will believe the lies because we want the lies to be true.

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  • Evening TV

    With shocking actions yesterday, there is more evidence than ever to the buyer beware. There is a lot of evidence of harm these two have caused their clients, other youtubers, and I know that it is true for me personally. Take care and make sure you are learning the lesson available here. Stay safe. 💞

  • Dawn Elizabeth

    Hi Evening, I just took off Kim and Kill Jezebel's channels for enabling Dave, congrats.I knew there were reasons I had my reservations, now you've confirmed why plus the fact that Kill Jezebel listens to another sexual predator preacher enabler yucky, yikes, icky, eww and ugh! I went into a nose dive and it sucks, yes I've learned my lesson!!Take care and thanks!

  • The Mouse that Roared

    What? They are trying to coerce her into retracting her statement? Unconscionable on every level.
    And exactly what malignant narcissists do.
    They may try to spin it to look like she was possibly disordered and unbalanced enough to invent this incident.. to claim it never happened, they are the victims here (says every narc ) … but even then the stink of narcissism still surrounds them.
    Because genuine empathic fellow survivors and "coaches" would approach this with care, delicacy and support, and at the very least offer to get her some real help!
    No matter how they spin this, they have exposed themselves for what they are. David showed himself to be a malignant predator and Kim showed herself to be an enabling opportunist.
    Neither show a conscience or empathy. Their masks dropped to reveal their true character and this cannot be unseen.
    You're right on for using this as a lesson for protecting oneself and furthering recovery. We must focus on the healing.
    XX ♡

  • Tamara Young

    It’s interesting that I’ve been thinking a lot about class lately. Not status but old fashioned class. Sometimes as victims of N abuse we tend to accept anyone who doesn’t seem like an N. I think we need to be more discerning. Like even not being a N is not always enough. Class of course should be defined by each of us for ourselves. For me it’s a tone, an intent, a look, a feeling, humility, modesty etc.I’ve been using this lately to even pick Dr.’s, YouTube personalities to watch, friends etc. it’s ok to want smart, classy, calm, funny, humble people in your life. I put you in that category. I hope this makes sense. And I hope I’m making a point 😉

  • persiamotorman

    This whole situation is flabbergasting. First of all, what I am hearing on Kim's video that she posted today is "that during the meet-up we had here (in Mexico), there was a group of incredible women. We had a great time. We went out dancing. We went to fabulous restaurants. We laughed. It was great."
    I try to maintain a certain stance of cautioned neutrality until I get all the facts, but that statement is painting a picture of Shangri La. I wonder how often she "Shangri La's" reality? Then she goes on to describe the beautiful surroundings, and suddenly realizing that she's sitting with beautiful women, " it hits me suddenly that I'm sitting here with Girlfriends!" Like I said…I'm flabbergasted. I'm almost ready to book my ticket in advance for next years event if it's going to be Shangri La.

  • Kate Hugill

    Evening, I've emailed via your contact form as suggested. I just wanted to make sure the emails were received ok as I've had first time communication passed to spam boxes before. There's a timeliness to my email which you'll see when you read it. Just thought I'd pop on here so there's another channel of comms if emails aren't arriving. Thanks K

  • Rebecca Jimenez

    He lost a bit of followers already and he had replied to one of his Q & A questions and he had claimed this entire deal is a smear campaign. It took him an entire week to answer his questions when he was usually on it the same day or later the next. He is an egotistical snake in the grass for sure. I feel deeply for the lady and having to be pressured to change her story. Thank you for not giving up on her. She needs to be heard. ❤

  • Miodrag Radosavljevic

    One more thing, just not to forget about this… In the video where David DeMars changed the name of his channel, He states that he was a child which has been adopted by a family where the woman-mother is a paranoid schizophrenic… In all countries in this world, the child is always separated from such a family, how he could been adopted by that kind of family ?!? Strange ? Or just a sad story 😢

  • Elizabethan Diosa

    You are right about predators and how difficult it is to recover from abuse. I think Kim's ranting video should be kept up for all to learn from. It is difficult to discern our own biases and perhaps Kim's old brainwashing and conditioning to defer to the old nonsensical notion of male privilege and superiority to females sucked her in and got the best of her. Part of this ingrained deferment to males behaviour includes covering up for the guys abusive behaviour and protecting him from being outed. Most of us have done this in one form or another like when we didn't tell on him and stayed for more abuse. Kim did go after her ex abusers former partner in court based on his convincing lies to her. I think she might be repeating a dangerous pattern. We are all guilty of repeating self sabotaging behaviours which society in part has conditioned into women. Remember it wasn't that long ago when women weren't even allowed to vote. I believe it was at least the mid 1940s in some parts of Canada. We've come a long way baby and we gotta longer way to go. That includes our own self imposed glass ceilings and making too many excuses for abusive men. Me too is on the journey. I am so glad more men are standing up and speaking up for us.

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