Probation revoked for Ohio man involved in domestic dispute | Local News

Probation revoked for Ohio man involved in domestic dispute | Local News

An Ohio man on probation for Flagrant Non-Support was sent to jail for two years last week after violating the conditions of his release.

Joshua Lee Snyder, 36, of Lebanon, Ohio, had initially been given a two-year pretrial diversion back in April 2016 which was voided in lieu of probation in March 2018, just a month shy of completion. Then in January, Snyder was arrested for fourth-degree Assault (Domestic Violence) in Boone County — prompting Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney David Dalton to file for revocation.

In a hearing on Thursday before Pulaski Circuit Judge Jeffrey Burdette, Snyder’s attorney Dan Thompson spiritedly defended his client — noting that the domestic charge had been dismissed at the behest of the alleged victim.

The woman, identified as Snyder’s girlfriend of a year, Stephanie Walters, was on hand to testify. It was noted that she never called authorities the night of the alleged incident, January 20. The Florence Police Department was instead notified by the hospital two days later when Walters sought medical treatment for a possible broken nose.

Walters acknowledged signing the police statement but testified that she sometimes blacks out and couldn’t remember telling the officer the details included in that report, nor could she remember all the details of the alleged incident due to having multiple personality disorder as well as other mental conditions. She did say that her the incident occurred as the couple were fighting over finances and Snyder only grabbed her wrists to defend himself when she picked up a hammer. Her injury occurred when Snyder’s head came in contact with hers in what prosecutors called a headbutt and the defense called an accident.

Thompson argued that Walters may have signed the police statement because she is involved in a custody dispute with the father of her children and was afraid admitting that she was the aggressor might jeopardize her position. Dalton, meanwhile, brought up a prior domestic incident that Snyder was accused of and questioned how it would her custody to allow a man with that history around her children.

When it came time for Burdette to rule, the judge noted his concern that Walters could remember some details of the incident. “How do you know it was all you if you blacked out?” he asked Walters. “Yours is a selective story, I think.”

Thompson argued that Snyder was paying his child support debt and the victim in that case (which isn’t Walters) would be the one hurt if Snyder was jailed. He added that Snyder would be open to undergoing a domestic violence assessment — asking that the 23 days he’d served to that point be a sanction.

Dalton argued that Snyder’s prior history had already resulted in a voided pretrial diversion. “My obligation is to protect the public,” he said. “I don’t think he’s safe in the community.”

In making his ruling, Judge Burdette noted the similarities between the two domestic violence reports — finding that Snyder had violated the terms of his probation and imposing sentence.

At press time, Snyder was lodged in the Pulaski County Detention Center.

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