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Parenting a narcissist

Help your children break the bad habits they picked up by their own narcissistic parent. You can save your child from the devastating effects of narcissistic personality!!
Have you ever felt like you have been erased by the narcissist? As if you are an empty shell of a person no longer able to be comfortable in your own skin? Have you ever wondered what it is about you that seems to attract cluster B personalities and last do you seem to fall for the same kind of person over and over again? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I highly recommend the Interactive Self Help Journal entitled I Miss Me..And I Want Me Back!! This was my compass home, back to not the “old” me….but a BETTER me!! Thanks to this publication I did the internal work that helped me to find me, find happiness and attract healthy love! My hope is that you experience the same blessings:



  • lasjan2001

    I don't have any children, but I do teach 8th graders. What you're saying is 100% true. I never get into power struggles with them. I tell them my expectations and the consequences for failure to follow them. If guidelines are violated, like clockwork, they get their consequences. It saves me a lot of headaches and energy because I'm not yelling or trying to make them do something. I turn it back on them and say, "You know what the expectation is and you chose not to comply, so here's your reward." And I always end up having a great relationship with them; it's like they respect me for setting boundaries.

  • Lavern Pitcher

    Bless you for this information. I am the step mom of two narcissistic children. Both their mother and grandmother are narcissistic. Giving them both loving discipline and consequences has helped a lot but they still seem to be on the path of becoming narcissistic. In the meantime I'll keep praying for them and doing my best to stay both loving and sane.

  • nikki Q

    My son has been grounded with no video games for 4 months and it just keeps getting worse we constantly are sticking to our guns and that's not helping we used to be very laid-back and for the past year and a half when we say were going to do something we do it no more warnings he is only getting more aggressive verbally and physically we've done therapy, trauma therapy, psychiatrist martial arts drum lessons, basketball, jogging many things to try to help he was abused by his bipolar and possibly narcissist mother and step father consequences is the one thing that I am having so much trouble with getting him to except it's like he needs to flip out and no matter what healthy way we come up with he once a physical altercation I'm running out of ideas he's become so physically aggressive that I packed his bags and sent him to stay with his grandma down the street it's not helping because he's being good for her but he is now suspended from school for fighting and has been fighting every day in school he was doing so well in school when living with us so now what any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • DirtyLittleRocker Baby

    I did all of the above with my daughter and I'm lucky enough that even though I am empathic when I use a certain calm tone, children listen. My issue is now trying to learn new boundaries with her now that she is an adult. Since she came of age, she has been more of a handful even though she acknowledges that she has narcissist traits. I'd love your thoughts on that.

  • Forgive And be free

    I believe with al my heart ❤️ that we as parents to NPD child . In my case adult daughter. We done all we could gave al we had and more
    When I see you Michelle I’m very impressed by you
    Your honesty your openness and your strong will to help others.
    Bravo to you
    Be strong and be happy and mostly be narcissist free ❤️❤️❤️

  • TheMmiguelito

    PLEEEASE give me advice on how to deal with a what I'm realizing is my 20yr old NPD "stepdaughter " ,as well as my 44yr old may or may not be npd girlfriend??? Not to mention me being an empathic son of DEFINITELY a narcissistic mother (just now realizing as if 10days ago) LITERALLY

  • chantal carriere

    since the age of 9 my daughter was told by me narcissist ex to call children aids, the police or himself if mom is ever mad at her or if she was grounded and make up stories about me being bad and they will make mom change her mind about being punished or give me shit for getting mad at her and she did…Now shes 15 years old and she still does it , i have not been able to follow through with anything or bein able to punish her either, cas keep interfering and yesterday a cas worker told my daughter that she can stay at her friends home when ever my daughter isnt liking my rules. what do i do? My daughter is more abusive then my ex narcissist with me.

  • Debbie Kane

    Be careful, a true narcissistic child especially at this age will get smarter and convince you they are who you want them to be, then bam. From my experience. Narcissism has no compassion. It’s so heartbreaking, I use to say this is a stage and she will grow out of the lying and pure hate. 20 years later I see when you start to believe life couldn’t be better them something hits them the wrong way and you that evil come back. I no longer have contact with her and it breaks my heart. I have 3 grandchildren and miss them so much. The more I learn about this disorder, the more it’s killing me. I can not go through the abuse anymore

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