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Parental Narcissism and the College Admission Scandal

My thoughts on Felicity Huffman, Lori Laughlin and parental narcissism in the college admissions scandal.

I also talk about celebrity narcissism and the false mask they often present. I talk about Christine Caine and her book plagiarism and the false family guy mask of Bill Cosby.

Two Questions for you to answer below.

1. Do you know of any narcissistic parent who insisted that their child chose a certain career to suit the parents needs?

2. Have you experienced disappointment in a celebrity or famous person not being the person that you thought they were?



  • Light of Life

    One more thing I can relate to here Paula. The stbnxh would disown his only child, a son, on a regular basis. If the son didn't live up to expectations of whatever kind he would be disowned. He want his son to take over the family business. What the narc wanted really was full control of what his son did in every regard. I was always trying to mend fences between them. It was always 'he's just a stoner, if I say it's black, he says it's white, he only talks to me when he wants money (narc has always thrown money and stuff at him, don't know what he expects) etc. etc.
    Then on discard narc now says I was the cause of the discord between them two. I hope he's having fun with that. Ugh! He's just ridiculous. He wants me to carry his dysfunction for him.

  • Light of Life

    So many wolves in sheep's clothing.
    Just in day to day life it's amazing what comes to light what people are up to. It's been eye opening with the narc. I know now that you never REALLY know a person.
    Better to get to know ourselves and learn to trust us. Keeps us out of trouble.

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