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How to Take a Relationship Break

Watch more How to Survive a Breakup videos: If you’re feeling unappreciated, underwhelmed, or just plain trapped, taking some time off may help. Step 1: Assess your relationship honestly. Is your unhappiness due to external stress, or issues with your partner? If it’s the latter, consider a temporary split. Tip Don’t make a rash decision; suggesting a break to your partner may cause hurt feelings, confusion, and anger. Step 2: When you’ve decided, discuss it with your partner. Be honest…

David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

David Lynch explains his understanding about consciousness, creativity and the brain. He says that Transcendental Meditation played crucial role in developing his consciousness and boosting his creativity. For more information on the Transcendental Meditation┬« technique, please visit: or call 1-888-532-7686 – 1-888-LEARN-TM David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness based education One lady in the audience says: I teach film, I make films. I would like to know what does meditation or how does meditation connect to your creative process or…

How to use affirmations. Positive Affirmations Part 1

How to use affirmations. Affirmations Part 1 If you ever wondered how to use affirmations or thought that “positive affirmations” don’t work, watch this video. Don’t believe me try it and see for yourself that affirmations have an effect in your life. Affirmations are positive sentences that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they…

Mystical Kaleidescopic Mandala Meditation Animation

– This beautiful animated kaleidoscopic mandala is great for zoning-out, relaxing and generally decompressing after a long day. Just stare into the mesmerizing shapes and let the magic of the mandala rejuvenate your zen. Peace Out! alpha,animated,animation,art,attention,aware,awareness,awareness,bliss,brain wave,color,computer graphics,cosmic,digital,digital art,earth,ecstasy,fractal,fractal animation,freedom,geometric,geometry,get high,happy,happy,healing,hypnosis,hypnotize,joy,kaleidoscopic,kaleidoscope,kaleidascopic kaleidascope,life,mandala,mandala animation,mental,mind,meditate,meditation,metamorph,mood enhancer,morph,mystical,neural,overload,peace,psychedelic art,psychadelic animation,psychadelic animation,psychadelic fractal animation,psychedelic,psychedelic,psychedelic animation,psychedelic fractal,psychedelic fractal animation,psychedelic trip,rainbow,relax,relaxation,sacred,sacred geometry,sacred tree,self awareness,self heal,sensory,spiritual,spiritual,theta,third eye,trance,trance fractal,trance mandala,tranquility,trip,trippin,trippy,virtual acid,virtual acid trip,wholeness,zen,zooming,cosmic source

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