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How to Build Self Confidence | Self Esteem | Soft Skills

How to build self confidence and self esteem. This is a live Soft Skills Seminar on How do you make the perfect first impression. This is a Seminar session in action by Shabbar Suterwala on Self Confidence. Tips on Self Improvement and building self confidence – conducted in June 2007. Shabbar Suterwala has been into soft skills training and have been helping student and people at large to build their self esteem and self confidence. This youtube video contains short…

5 Ways to Increase Confidence & Improve Relationships

There are key ways to help you build your self-confidence and thinking positive. Learn how to be a better person and how to encourage positive thinking by watching this video. Discover Your Current Level of Self-Confidence and How to Take Action Toward Building Greater Confidence in Yourself with the link above. ___________________ Learn more: Subscribe to my channel for free offers, tips and more! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: +BrianTracyOfficialPage Pinterest: Instagram: @TheBrianTracy Blog: source

Himalayan Chakra Healing by Paradiso "Crown Chakra"

This album “Himalayan Chakra Healing” was produced, played recorded and mixed at 5th Element Music Studio by Paradiso and companied with Suren Shrestha . This song is track 7 “Crown Chakra” on this album. Great for Yoga, massage, dream time and mediation. Use it for a sleeping aid. Himalayan Chakra Healing won award for best world music CD for Coalition of Visionary Resources Awards 2011. source

Alpha Binaural Beats – Chakra Balancing Root to Crown

Buy the audio at: Free Binaural Beats Presents ~ Alpha Binaural Beats – Chakra Balancing Root to Crown This audio uses binaural beats with background music to induce brain wave entrainment for Chakra Balancing. Standard concert A tuning = 440Hz Chakra Healing A tuning = 432Hz This audio uses the following frequencies: Left Ear | Right Ear | Chakra 1st tone is 228Hz 236Hz Root 2nd tone is 303Hz 311Hz Sacral 3rd tone is 182Hz 190Hz Solar Plexus 4th tone…

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