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Overcoming Codependency 2



  • Gigi

    Wow, I was having a codependency moment this morning, I have been dealing with similar issues. It is a daily struggle. I am such a pleaser. Getting better though. This video made so much sense to me. It is very hard and uncomfortable to make changes but wow it feels so good when we do take up for ourselves. You are spot on with this one. Helped me so much from start to finish! I have been through all of this as well. Thank you!

  • rebeka talebi

    I always wondered why men married bitches. I know this is a stretch but what I’ve learned is that bitches demand to be heard. For some reason when you stick up for yourself good people respect that. I think it’s a sign of a bad person when they don’t acknowledge or address your concerns.

  • Simone C M

    I went homeless for 5 years, I didn't know I'm Autistic. I estranged myself from Narcissist mother and flying monkeys 8 years and then 10 years. After I got on Social Security I was hoovered back into enmeshment with all the old brainwash-isms. Honor thy parents, blood is thicker than water. Etcetera.
    It's been one whole year I am complete No Contact and inaccessible to the whole lot of those blood drinking giant ticks.

  • rebeka talebi

    Its hard when even your extended family hates you but I’m done with all of them. You were right about everything. Its uncanny how all psychopathic/narcissistic families operate the same. There’s always a golden, scapegoat. They never hear the concerns of the scapegoat. If you have psychopathic relatives, they steal, rape & attempt to murder or even murder the scapegoat.

    When the fan fell on my sister’s bed & I told my uncle he didn’t care & there was no sorry. It sounds bad but luckily it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Sometimes I wonder if it was done purposely.

    How is one supposed to have self love when you are raised with immediate & extended family who hate you?

    I also have very immoral, shady people in my family. My uncle was a spy for the Iranian govt during the shah. My other uncle’s wife committed fraud, shop lifted for years, possibly committed insurance fraud & other crimes she got away with & her sons went on to go to court because they were selling parts to the military w/o a license. But I’m the bad guy

  • rebeka talebi

    I hate the word codependent too. I think the better word is enmeshment because your personality disordered parent teaches you that you don’t have boundaries & plus co dependency sounds like you are dependent on them when it’s actually they are the parasite feeding off your energy.

    In addition in retrospect you discover you actually contributed a lot to this person.

  • risha a

    how come almost every person i talk to who has been through n abuse was from a religious background? is there something about north american christianity that produces narcissism? or is it maybe a good place for them (n's) to hide? not sure

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