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Onision and Kai (Laineybot) Accused of Child Grooming

These are all allegations.

❗UPDATE (09/06/19) ❗

Sarah posted some receipts on Twitter: @notsolillioness
⚫(screenshot of message from Greg) “I loved making love to both of you. I loved seeing you satisfy Kai, I loved you being around when you guys weren’t fighting —- Personally I’d love to do countless things with both of you…” 🔗
⚫”I don’t have to rely on my ‘messed up’ memory. I have every single text since I was 14 still saved.” 🔗
⚫”Greg and I fucked while Kai was in New Mexico. Use it against me.” 🔗
⚫”Greg and Kai let me have alcohol.” 🔗
⚫”Kai sent me a selfie with his genitalia out while I was underage. Please. Please try me.” 🔗
⚫”Kai told me exactly how big Greg’s dick is when I was 14.” 🔗
⚫(screenshot of Kai and Greg arguing over Sarah’s virginity) 🔗
⚫(picture attached) “the hickey greg gave me on January 17th, 2019″ 🔗
⚫”Kai smoked weed. This one is for Billie!” 🔗
⚫(screenshots of texts from Greg) “damn he mad” 🔗
⚫”remember when you made me feel so guilty that I was sobbing while holding you and begging for you to forgive me? I bet that made you feel powerful.. do you feel powerful now?” 🔗
⚫”So since every time I was with Kai Greg was also involved…does that mean Greg is an accomplice to the multiple “rapes” of his own husband? Shit fam this is messed up..” 🔗
⚫”one time when I was 16 greg made me feel so bad about being a virgin that I started crying. interesting..” 🔗
⚫”‘You’re so mature for your age. I feel like I’m hanging around a 20 year old.’ -Greg @ 16 year old me the first time we met” 🔗
⚫”.@Onision do you remember a couple years ago when you wanted me to bake you weed brownies?” 🔗
⚫ (screenshot of text from Kai) “this didn’t age well” 🔗
Sarah’s YouNow Livestream (08/24/19):
Blaire White’s interview with Sarah (09/05/19):
Video with more proof of Kai and Sarah being intimate:
🚫Wishing harm or death on anyone is not allowed in the comments and will be removed. It’s not a good look, y’all.
🚫Do not go off about false rape accusations. This ain’t the place!
🚫Do not debate sex/gender or Kai’s trans status in the comments anymore! Given that there’s NO way to know definitively whether Kai is or isn’t trans, I’m going to use he/him. Not out of respect for Kai (because I think he’s actually disgusting), but other trans people. Beyond pointing out Greg’s faux support of Kai’s transition, Kai’s trans status is 100% irrelevant regarding any talk of grooming. Even if you don’t agree, at the VERY least don’t give the Onions any fodder to victimize themselves! They have and will try to discredit their critics by calling them transphobic!
Feel free to download and share this video, or use portions for other videos! The more awareness the better.



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