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OK, I’m Done – Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Community

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I firmly believe that one size does not fit all.

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Also, I tend to look at situations from a sociological perspective.

The topics I discuss are often under study, and the views of others might change, including my own.

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Title: OK, I’m Done – Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Community



  • CC's World AUSTRALIA

    Hi Grace i have the same feelings, my feelings are is my message of any importance? lot of people are doing better and more watched video why bother? ….sometimes things happen and gives me hope and strength to continue….But with your video, they are most important cause you are creating awareness about a very important subject, narcissism is rampant and need to be known. I was made aware with a video like yours, then my life literally changed for the better and so did my husband one (he is the scapegoat)…..thanks to you and channels like yours, keep going and be well. xx

  • CC's World AUSTRALIA

    Hope you are feeling better, sorry to hear about your diabetes, wow, $500 a month, do you have in the US medicare? to cover medicines that are so needed?
    also i wanted to say something about counting views form the "Masters", i noticed they goes very careful when i put copyrighted music (the one that allows you to use their music but if any revenue comes from this you won't get it) so you will see on my previous video i put copyrighted music from Vladimir Horowitz and the counting of views are good, cause the owner of the music will probably keep a keen eye on it. Also when im in doubt about copyrighted music and to avoid trouble i upload the video on private and leave for a bit, after a while the Masters will come up with copyrighted content or music but you are allowed to use it but no revenue…at the moment this is not a problem with us demonetised channels but we need the views and the hours….sorry way too long comment. again you are very important with the fight against narcissism either in families or society…xx

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