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No More Adrenal Fatigue Level 1 with Nidhu Satish Kapoor

Top 10 Adrenal Fatigue symptoms you didn’t know

1. It is caused by chronic unworthiness
2. It creates malabsorption in the body, including with water, so you can drink a lot but still feel thirsty and have dry skin/hair
3. It’s family of origin has one narcissistic parent and one absent parent – the former is usually the mother and the latter, the father
4. Earliest symptoms are recurring migraines and sinusitis
5. Vitamins and minerals would be deficient chronically
6. We live a lie – not having energy to do what we want, but push ourselves to do what others expect
7. We end up living on nervous energy instead of actual body physical energy so we manage our days in spurts and bursts
8. It is very hard to keep monies and very often, we have high credit card debts
9. The body shows a pregnant belly
10. Almost all empaths suffer from it

To completely recover can take 6 months to two years with help from healing modalities, medicines for vitamins, change in lifestyle and diet
To help you get there organically, these 22 mins work on the adrenals, vitamin deficiencies, entity releases and emotional roots.
You may feel symptoms in a few seconds like certain parts of the body reacting in tightness and overwhelm
The first stages of recovery are full blown fatigue, exhaustion, even depression. Make sure you have time on your hands (three days to yourself) and can easily access water and light foods
The next stage will include feeling emotional and having racing thoughts and mood swings. Please do any one of the holds recommended when listening in (hands on knees, hands under the bum, harmony hold or pran mudra)
To minimise these

Listen at night before sleeping for optimal result
Listen for three days without headphones
Listen for the next three days with headphones
Take a break on the 7th day
Begin level 2 on the 8th day or repeat this level if you have had severe reactions
You can expect
1. Feeling weak (the way we do coming out of an illness)
2. Open and clearer in the head, chest and abdomen
3. Taking some action as oppossed to only making it happen in the head
4. The desire to de-clutter and clear up increases
5. You end up saving some monies
6. You release some weight and feel lighter
7. Disoriented (because you have been living a certain way for so long)
8. Wake up fresher
9. Are more relaxed and easy with yourseld
10. Say No when you want to, even if you are afraid to

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