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No Contact Is Forgiving The Narcissist & Moving On

No contact is forgiving the narcissist and moving on with your life. No contact is often the most forgiving thing you can do.

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✅How Do You Know If Your Dealing With Narcissistic Abuse

Emotional / psychological abuse is a behavior your partner uses to control you or damage your emotional well-being. It can be verbal or non-verbal:

▶︎ Name-calling, mocking, intimidation and making humiliating remarks or gestures.

▶︎ Yelling in your face or standing is a menacing way.

▶︎ Placing little value on what you say.

▶︎ Interrupting, changing topics, not listening or responding, and twisting your words.

▶︎ Putting you down in front of other people.

▶︎ Saying negative things about your friends and family.

▶︎ Preventing or making it difficult for you to see friends or relatives
Cheating or being overly jealous.

▶︎ Shifting responsibility for abusive behavior by blaming others or saying you caused it.

▶︎ Monitoring your phone calls, texts, car and computer use.

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  • Vessel Talk

    I can never forgive the religious narc for sexually abusing me and exploiting my family and, I almost to death…. literally. I'm not that powerful- I forgave myself ,and let God deal with the rest. I dont suggest anyone forgive people that arent asking for forgiveness.

  • Traceliz

    I forgive him.
    I feel guilty after three months of not replying to his e-mails, texts, etc., because I really am in such a great place mentally but I can see that he's still struggling with the exact same things he was struggling with during the three years we dated. I kinda feel this twinge in my gut like I've abandoned him… but every time I tried to help him out of the pit with a rope, he just dragged me down there with him, rope and all, and then tried to stand on my shoulders to get out… then somehow made it my fault when he couldn't get out. I just can't live the rest of my life like that. It doesn't matter how much I still love him.

  • Ashley Robison

    Hello everyone. First let me say welcome to St. Louis welcome! Born and raised here its a great place to live we have it all. I see by your intro you have been seeing our music life we have is so diverse and beautiful. I suffer every day with what i thought was a real life i thought i would never had i see i still dont have that life… i feel it dont exsist and i feel cheat media or social media is going to destroy love relationships and change life as we know it. I give up on love and its because of cheat media i see it makes people think they are missing out and its ruins relationships and i hope people wake up to this monster and delete it and get back to living in their own just fine life.

  • swsun O

    These people leave such a poor taste in ones mouth as far as the opposite sex. How quickly one recognizes bullshit when it presents itself. So dam difficult to move on. Seriously, some dude offers one kindness…I question it so bad…

  • R K

    Hi Kevin.
    Narcs are like a fart, you gotta “release” it and let it go 🤣
    Forgive them, nooooo. Revenge? Noooooo.
    I’ll leave that to the universe to sort out. I’m getting on with my life thanks 🙏🏻

  • James Cole

    I feel absolute trust shouldn’t be over-emphasized in a relationship, smartness is also very important. There’s a popular saying that “don’t trust too much because that too much might hurt you so much”. A Narcissist partner is not to be trusted. My journey of being a Narcissist victim came to limelight after discovering my wife cheating on me through the help of Cyberhackingsage who helped cloned her cellphone and i was able to read all her messages and uncover her infidelity without having to touch her phone. All i did was share my wife’s number with Cyberhackingsage and i got access to her Facebook, WhatsApp and text messages both deleted and incoming ones with a remote link on my phone. Contact him, he’s a genius. ( cyberhackingsage@gmail ) thank me later.

  • Narcissist Or not

    As a child I was brought up to see the good in others, I believe now through experience that was correct, but, I would say now to teach children to also see the bad and recognize that’s it’s necessary to have discernment..just started a channel going to cover this soon thanks to your video thank you

  • RavenStealstheNight

    Nah… It's not unforgiveness. It's doing right from wrong. It's for self preservation and sanctity. It's very much like when you're in an aeroplane and the flight staff tell you if the oxygen masks come down, put yours on first then everyone else's next.

  • Nesreen

    Sadly l had to let her go. I had to kick her out. Only to protect her half baby sisters. They are too young and l didn't want them to see this toxic behavior. Throw out the rotten batch from the fresh ones. Separating the bad ones from the goods will prevent contamination. This is how l had to do it. I pray for her sicknesses or disease to heal but l have no time for fixing it myself. I can only separate the goods and protect them and others from harms way. I feel this is my victory. Thats why we must not loose faith for our world we live in. We can win when awareness of the NPD is taught to children and teens or others who are naive about this sickness.

  • Carol Durant

    So true…it's a wonderful feeling to release the anger and know for sure that the deception they put upon us will be handled by GOD. To know this is to find true peace. The smile on your face becomes the real joy knowing you can forgive, walk away and know IT WILL BE TAKING CARE OF. The battle is really not ours.
    Kevin you're a gem. Thank you so much for helping us get real with ourselves. God bless you.

  • Light Worker

    First off life is too short and they wont change they have a agenda and plot to use abuse and manipulate you…its imparative to guard your heart.
    It's not selfish it loving yourself more! I forgave I had too much of his bad energy in my heart and mind…I let go and let God…its his anyway to judge and rule over. I have been narc free for 3 years and I forgave I moved on God showed me the truth and I had to accept it see him as the vampire he is and take it as a life lesson learned! These vampires feed on vulnerability so you must be guarded..God nor Jesus wants us to be at their beck and call and be abused! Forgiveness is NOT reconciliation nor is it revenge ..
    They live with this demon daily it goes no where they are swimming in the same cess pool over and over again..your not! Walking the high road frees you and teaches you so much! Anyone can live in a narcissistic cess pool/gutter but it takes a spiritual awake person to leave it move on and love more! Love is NEVER wasted!!!

  • Alicia jack

    May be it will take time for me to acknowledge your post but for the moment I am still hurting and it is the third year. I did not go No contact. He did therefore that pain of abandonment is cancerous and sucks your core till even that core no longer exists. Abandonment is the reward for everything you genuinely gave? Where is forgiveness when your core itself is nowhere to be found. No contact has made me Into No-thing and to No-where

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