Natalia Barnett denies being 'evil dwarf' set on killing adoptive parents 

Natalia Barnett denies being ‘evil dwarf’ set on killing adoptive parents 

The Barnetts then decided to move to Canada, with their three biological children.

“We helped get her set up in an apartment near the town that we live in. We paid her first three months’ rent; we set her up with disability, social security, food stamps. I checked on her a couple times a week. She was fine,” he told Dr Oz.

Yet Natalia claims she was abandoned.

In 2016 she was taken in by Antwon and Cynthia Mans, who believe she is a child. They insisted she had not begun her menstrual cycle.

The couple told Dr Oz that Natalia never displayed any psychotic behavior, and that the Barnetts likely couldn’t afford the healthcare costs for Natalia’s multiple surgeries.

The Barnetts have been charged with neglect of a dependent, a felony. Their trial is set to begin in January.

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