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Narcissists Have To See You

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!



  • AquanautSt1

    " The Head Tilt " transmutation of energy … Exposing the neck to the narc subcommunicates that you are not bothered by the energy draining stare they are using . I use this when I am forced by circumstances to be near a narc , I am of coure gettign away from them as soon as I can. I got the idea from bodylanguage expert Joe Navarro . Here he explains …

  • N T

    My narc used to stare at me too. When I started watching these videos it's Eerie knowing that this key element is something narcs just do. I would just find him looking at me. I always felt him looking at me. At first I thought she just admired me. Then it turned into wondering what he was getting ready to ask me or complain about. Or think of something to put me down on. He wanted me to come by every day. When I said I needed to work, he would say just come over for a little while before you start. And then he would ignore me. He would act like he would be into me for a second and act like he wanted to have sex and then just turn over and go to sleep in 1 second. Every time I told him that he gaslighted me. He didn't care that I miss time from work, he didn't care when I went out my way to do a favor, he just wanted me to be there when he called me. But whenever I needed him it was a 50/50 chance he would actually come through for me. When he did I knew it would come up within a week or so about the good deed he did. He only did good things to be able to mention it later to cover up him being a crappy person. When I look back over it , he is a complete devil. I don't understand how someone could purposely do things to someone on a regular basis just to see what their response would be. I couldn't explain how I felt but now I know. I was literally there for his entertainment to try different things with me as if I was an experiment. I have went no contact with him. It has been about six months now. I have healed to the point where he could never get me back. Thank God I came across these videos. If not, I would have still been on the hamster wheel holding onto hope. This bastard had the audacity to call me three weeks ago. I blocked his number but I was still able to see it. It just ended the call. I wonder how long it would be before he tries to contact me again. I'm not the same person. I'm not taking any of his phone calls. Everything I ever felt has been validated watching these videos. I can't go back knowing exactly what the truth is. All of my intuitions were correct. I always used to say to myself, "he is incapable of having real feelings. Why am I always on egg shells? Why can't I do anything right? Why doesn't he see I'm trying to make it work? Why wheneve I go out my way for him he always go off right after he weak thank you? Why does he not ever see my side of things? Why does it seems like he purposely does everything I told him I don't like? " The list goes on…. I understand so much now. I can't believe someone like me could be done like this. I'm still getting over the trickery, the deception, and all of the pain that he put me through. I spent the majority of everyday trying to figure out what tactic I should try next. Hoping that he would call and check on me as a regular boyfriend would . And actually talk and not just hold the phone and wait for me to start rambling. Just for him to make it seem like he called me. The thought of all of the work I tried to put in to make us work and how it all was for one big joke. Nothing I ever did ever mattered. I feel as if I was putting gas into a car that didn't have an engine. He literally tricked me into believing we had something real. I was miserable for so long and I went through all of that for a sham. He will blow up on me all for entertainment. I was nothing more than a pawn in his Game of Life. I feel like an idiot. Guys literally tried to talk to me everyday and the only thing I say is that I'm not dating right now. I have no desire to date anyone now. I'm literally scared to even give a guy a chance to go on a date. I'm too scared that I will have such a good time for the first 6 months to a year just for it to change overnight. I really have to get through this. I can't believe how much damage she has done to me without putting his hands on me.

  • alaya

    I dont appreciate you referring to me Cassandra Latija Nelson and Bishop Marvin Louis Sapp as physiocopath and Narcissist. number1 we had nothing to do with however we were made, neither did you with way you were made.
    We are just as normal as you are, for the most part i pretty much service God first and the people in my community. I spend time with my childrern and grandchildren some times. Then i get off to , myself when God gives me to do so. Not that i old you any thing nor do i have to explain myself. Yet im addressing you after posting last night and it bother me all night long. So i got up this morning deleted the post and decided to address you. Now your entitle to your opinion, yet im checking on that. Another thing I only check situations when God give me to do so. With that being said I'm more than sure Bishop Marvin Louis Sapp do the same. Another thing is this post allow me to see him just as normal as me and you. He cant help how God made him, nor more than you and your mouth with your options. Certain things you dont do to people, then you don't have to be concern with physiocopath behavior, it's not my fault if you don’t go inn on people when you need too. What you do and how you do! It do matter. Every one has a breaking point including you, when you know your boundaries you can sit there and speak proper language and nice ect. Yet let someone do the wrong thing to you and at some point your going to react harshly or even they way you were taught. You dont care my pain Bishop pain/burdens/ ect. or any one else, so when you soeak your speaking yout experiences in this life. Maybe i need to God to let you see and feel what its like to go through what me and Bishop go through. Then you will spe as with compassion and understand what you see as Physiocopath and Narcissist are really normsl people. Being ourselves is normal. If all we know you can be a low down dirty, big mouth, murdering with your negative labels and conversations,disrespectful whore, with a youtube channel. For you it could be just your normal everyday self, your normal life. Well i have to go, it's time to repent and read my bible and go study. But you have a awesome day! Bless you!

  • Tammy Johnson

    They go after the strong, independent, well liked, happy person for 2 reasons: 1) They want to be you, they can't stand themselves and want to have you in there life so they can watch you and see how you act so they can act that way. 2) They want to take you down, it's a challenge and their greatest source of supply when they tear you down, take everything away from, turn you into the total opposite person you were before. Then they can make you look crazy in front of others, feel good about themselves, and take over your personality. And after discard or escape they still have to watch you to see how they have impacted your life negatively AND to continue snatching your personality and using it as their own.

  • donaldp7635

    It's not the persons fault some kind of trauma happened to them which open a door for demons that now controls them I can see demons and watch them torment people so now I'm in training with the holy Spirit so that I may help people

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