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Narcissists Hate Your Positive Traits: Clarity

The more clear you are, the more you will be hated.

Narcs Purposely Misunderstand You:

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  • Bilo's Barnyard

    Here's some linear thinking for you.

    1. Narcs predominantly only care about fulfilling their "needs" which are usually vain and hedonistic in nature.

    2. Narcs care about others only to the extent that they can be used to fulfill their needs.

    3. Narcs are very frugal in the energy they expend to fulfill their needs(thus why they like to use others as a shortcut). They will only invest if they can anticipate an immediate or timely payout.

    4. Narcs are only able to fully immerse themselves in thoughts about themselves and likewise are only able to fully engage in conversations dealing exclusively with their self or immediate interests.

    So… a narc walks into a comment section and spews out a bunch of spurious slanderous insults for reasons "unknown". A "normal" person who didn't like you for whatever reason would simply stop watching the video and move on. That being said, with everything I've said in mind, I'll let you be the judge of who exactly the narc was talking about in their long winded stream of spurious insults and why they put so much energy into it.

  • Deanna Hart

    Is it weird that I feel bad for them? It's sad they're so hurt somewhere deep inside that they act the way they do and refuse to realize it. That being said, it's truly exhausting and futile to extend any effort to them. I'm in a relationship with a narc and I'm realizing I really underestimated this… only 5 months in. There have been two insightful moments that made me hopeful, but it might as well be two steps forward and a thousand steps any way but. So sad.

  • deb keeling

    Good video! My past makes so much more sense now. When the “clarity” comes of what a narcissist is and how I’ve been trying to be clear as possible to get understanding and I got hostile rage back at me. This is why! 😱. No wonder he ramped up his game so much and yes, mine hates me to the point of stalking me because I was blessed to finally have clarity and leave. His reaction has been like I kicked a fire ant hill. Not good. You really need to run a good distance from one of those things. Moving 700 miles. People out there, once your moment of clarity on what they are comes you best be prepared to play possum until you don’t smell like supply, or run the fire ant gauntlet full on. Analogy complete, fire ants bite and come with flying monkeys. Yeah. It’s real. I love these videos. Thank you for this video that brings even more “clarity” to our situations as we live them. 🎻✌️

  • C Hark

    That pragraph is just mind-boggling how crazy (making) narcissists are. Thank u 4 sharing. It helps make it clearer what they're about. It's full of hate. Nothing real, with no basis for that hate. And full of confusion. Im still trying to understand & identify gas-lighting tho — cant see that aspect in this paragraph yet.

  • stylishranchgirl

    My narc says I mumble. LOL If you look up PF Wonder Salve Interview on youtube, you can tell I, like you, speak correctly and with clarity and sound a lot like you!!! My narc always barks WHAT?! When I speak. I really do speak like you. It's unbelievable how he manipulates and gaslights. I often repeat myself in a slower, louder monotone voice after he barks "WHAT?!" Maybe it bothers him I speak well. They make me sick.

  • Chris C

    Been on a long journey recovering from narcissistic bully at work.
    If only I'd found your content sooner 💕 Still helping me from slipping back in to bad habits–like not keeping personal boundaries intact 💕

  • Da Baum

    Wow! The demon really showed itself there! I do believe there is possession involved in narcissism and they show their true selves a lot. So that narc gave some Truth then did some projecting, lol, and we can see their tricks. Good breakdown! Thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️

  • AquanautSt1

    So I clearly and concisely tell something to a narc and they respond. "I get you" , as if to say, what you said was not very clear at all but I, only I can understand your pitiful attempt at communication. They are masterful and condensing covert attacks with vocal intonation facial expression, and complete and total "non-mirroring" body language . More than words . "Its a vibe" …. Keep shining !

  • Hai-mé Jacob

    Once you are forearmed with knowledge, you become weed killer that kills to the roots. The more knowledge that spreads, the more weeds we choke. The less narcissists there are, the less narcissists will be created. Eventually they’ll be dodos- extinct. Historical personality disorder consigned to history. What a golden day that will be.

  • Shanta Webb

    People like this want you to apologize just for being who you are……for even existing. They don't like you for just being you. They especially hate thinkers. You don't have to explain yourself to people like this because they just laugh at you……they don't even care. They already know the truth deep inside, but will never admit it. I believe it gives them supply that you even acknowledged them. They have to get attention by any means necessary, and they don't mind how mean and/or out of order they become to get it. They are jealous of you and hate your positive qualities, as you have said. They don't like boundaries that you set and that makes them angry because they know you won't allow them to have their way with you.

  • Kimberly Calderon

    So ive said this before on other videos that I work with a Narc. Lately we've been short staffed so we've been talking alot more… or should i say she has been. You definitely hit it on the nail with the merky messy converstion but another thing she does is talk over people. Several times ive either have spoken over her on purpose and thrown in an extra line just or question or if im saying something important ive put my hand up as to say "i need you to shut up for a sec" and then when she stops i talk. Its exhausting

  • Alice Roberts

    They can’t handle logic. That was a great example of a narcissists in action he she contradicted themselves. The whole thing was ridiculous!! They were trying to sound so upright and all they did was show their disorder. No you wouldn’t want to speak with clarity or be conscious of that you said!! I have to laugh 😆 That was a great example of a narcissistic person at their finest!!

  • Always Levitated

    Ha'Haaaa… "She said their life is a testament to inefficiency…!!" Classy..!! 💅..👒..🎩..👔 Furthermore.. Notice how the Narc defined her position for her..!! As though she needs their impaired, toxic Azz to assist her with in how to think…!! That's that false arrogance that they already know what's best for other people despite the FACT that they are an Empty Vessel that cannot find their own rear end with a road map…!?! 😁 Yep.. Exponential Gas Lighting here..!! My suggestion..!! 100% Absolute 💩's Deficiency..!! (🚫💩's Given ✋) I don't acknowledge "Brain Farts..!!" If the Narc's mouth is moving, best believe it's a Toxic Brain Fart..!! 😒 Thanx..!! 😎..✈

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