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Narcissists Are Haters

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Narc Survivor is no stranger to narcissistic abuse. With 30 years of personal experience and psychology research, he is someone who truly understands what it is like to fall victim to a sadistic emotional predator.

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  • Raw&Real

    👍🏾Great work! Awesome and straight 2 the point No fluff or B.S. this was truly 1 of the best! Another thing 2 is that they like 2 lie on U relentlessly! 2 prevent other people from liking U and appreciating your wonderful qualities or if they see it happening they have 2 sabotage it quickly and they like 2 go about smearing your name in the worst way 2 others Just such a weak devious deceptive hater move I have had 2 deal with this from my own family members more than anybody some true wicked narcs! I had 2 distance myself and I have never ever ever been better! Like U said they will team up against U my family members bullies never had my back or supported me They would always go against me with the enemy sick sick sick!! These narcs are a piece of work sad and a shame but please keep up the great work and exposing them 4 who they truly are! It's greatly appreciated! 💯

  • Su Hayward

    Bang on the money yet again. So accurate, so informative, so empowering.
    Your knowledge turns into our power against these demons. Eternal gratitude for your videos, keep them coming please. Healing and peace to you all, keep running and surviving this madness x

  • SuperNova

    I used to call my x narc “secret hater”. Never advance yourself big time if you want to stay with a narc. Recipe for break up. The success you have, or as I call it, “leveling up” causes a narcissistic injury. They like to devalue and discard you WHILE good things are happening.

  • Rivka Edery

    So very timely!! Thank You. In uncovering the layers of their act, it is frightening, temporarily, to experience the real energy beneath it all: cold, cruel indifference. A ”relationship” with them is at its core: servitude, being unloved & used in any way possible. There are no exceptions to this.

  • Nicolle Herr

    So in other words, they don't know how to express their needs up front and then suffer the self made consequences of not being able to express their needs up front. Including blaming the person they couldn't express their need to.

  • Anonym narc SURVIVOUR Antinarc

    Hallo NS from A *FEMALE WARRIOR and NARC SURVIVOUR*, I have a SUGGESTION over a topic who is still a TABU which nobody will talk about!
    That TOPIC is :
    A MAD EVIL narc Mother, narc father etc who S STEALING their man, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend from their OWN children, a kind of EVIL TRIANGULATION who KILL their own childrens HEART and soul.
    That happened to me for 3 years ago, that NASTY, SADISTIC and EVIL act from that CARICATURE of a "female".
    That SICK MAD EVIL, UGLY big BITCH fucked my dear ONLY friend I ever had.
    He is 45, at that OLD and NASTY BITCH is 77,she do the same to my 5 year younger Sister too in beginning of 2000.
    She do a suicideattempt and ended at a mentalhospital, the same EVIL act to 12 year younger Sister too..
    Also STOLE my aunts man, her friends, and also ID theft and swindel.
    That CRIMINAL EVIL reptile also order stuff in my name, now I have 100 000 nok in debt cause of that EVIL NM and NB.
    All that harassing, FM, stalking and STEALING..
    And my Visacard got STOLEN to Thursday 27 of August, its not mm who do that but an another narc female and coworker of NM.
    MY ABUSESTORY is from a HELL, going on in my whole life.
    I HOPE you NS could make a video about NARC PARENTS who STEALING their adult childrens LOVE,?? 🙏🙏🙏, After that DESTROY their life, STEALING etc after and they ending with a RUINED life.
    (HOMELESS etc).
    ONE day BEFORE I ll be 60 I ll have my own norwegian channel, and I SHALL make a video about thia horrible tabu topic..

  • Nicky Name

    Blah blah blah they talk so damn much. It’s honestly so annoying. None of it makes sense and all so outlandish and juvenile. I cannot believe how long they can go on this way. Must be so exhausting having this type of brain and thought process. May they live in their karma until death. I took the Hoover after months. I’m so disgusted with myself after all the knowledge I know. He did exactly what I’ve learned for months. I’ve never been so angry! 😡

  • Whitley G

    These demons will tell you they hate you if you listen to the words or just watch there actions or sometimes the dirty looks!! They act like they care by calling or texting you but they just want info on you to gossip give them nothing but genuine smiles and you will see the hatred come out 😀

  • Vani l.

    No matter how evil, sick and disfunctional they are with all their mind games , in my opinion there are some moments where they really show emotions of love and it was definitely not fake… those are the moments where I as a co dependent feel I could never leave him …

  • Diana Monteith Monteith

    He seemed to hate me doing anything creative that took me away from giving him attention.
    I'm trying not to think about getting smeered in prison…
    He blames me for him being locked up, when the truth is he nearly killed me and has NEVER admitted what he did…
    And l would go into denial and minimize what happened…
    His jealous rages were shocking..
    We had a trauma bond..
    My insecureties grew from his putdowns and telling me l was nieve…stupid
    I felt very confused, l now see its part of gaslighting…
    He told me women are beneath men, we are here for their pleasure only.
    That our brains are smaller, l became his slave, available for him. He must feel very inadequate, lacking in inner power to do this to me….
    I could never physically protect myself and he knew that…
    Wow lm hearing all this and it's real….thank you again🙏🌟🙏🌟🙏🌟👍🇦🇺

  • tami cagle

    True ! They hate anything that they can't possesss , control or exploit ! They are proud , envious , prideful, fault finding jealous hateful human beings ! And need to avoided at all costs ! They mean you no good for your life !

  • Jyri Väätäinen

    They are always different in public. In private they are from hell… Believe me not worth any time. I left and 2 months of No Contact. He projected on me all his problems and one day I was dumb, another day annoying, sometimes even crazy. I never used to believe. I always knew he was good at projecting his pain, and that's not dumb in my opinion, to know how these machines work. To understand borderline narcissist, even user guide is not enough, no matter how much I tried to communicate, communication with depressed and anxious narcissist felt like riding a psychotic horse towards a burning stable. The person I used to love for two years, turned to be a person I used to hate the most, in just several months. Too negative to keep. I feel so much better without my so called "love", no one is blaming anymore what I do, you can find your own growth after making your narcissist last season. This is your ticket to fucking freedom!

  • Ivonne Medrano

    Yes, Narcissists are 100 Percent Haters this includes your ex Narcissist partner and hateful, toxic Narcissistic family members who are secretly jealous and envious of you don’t ever doubt it , not only are they haters but spiritual murderers who want to see you dead.

  • Claude Gonz

    Been a few months of no contact. I can't believe I gave him the time of day. Cheap, guarded, distant, selfish, unepathetic, angry and unhappy 24/7. He used to have temper tantrum, how embarrassing. He would get easily frustrated and go from 0 to 60 in seconds. I put boundaries of how he acts when he gets angry and he did not like that. I felt manipulated when he had his tantrums because he was using this to get his way and I would not succumb to his tantrums. I feel now that he was not good enough for me and didn't deserve me. The longer time passes the more clarity I have of how toxic he was and how he is too dysfunctional to have a healthy relationship with anyone. One thing I am very proud of is I was myself in the relationship, honest and open about what I wanted and I was very thankful for the crumbs he gave me because I care and loved him deeply. But you can't make it work alone and a narcissist is a dead end. They will not lift a finger for you. Just takes take, take, and take some more.
    I am in recovery and its getting better now that it's been a few months.

  • AbsoluteMdot

    This video is 100% on point! My Narc ''Friend'' Hates me so much! I am everything that she wants to be. Funny, Kind, Loving, Caring, Have my own identity, the ability to feel empathy, Social,. My existence ruffles her feathers so much to the point she has been trying to befriend my friends, make up lies about me to try and control how others see me. She is so Jealous, Envious, Spiteful, Insecure, Bitter and Hateful!!

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