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Narcissists and Divorce (Combatting Legal Abuse) — Evening TV

Narcissists and Divorce (Combatting Legal Abuse) is a video that serves as Preparation for the legal abuse you will go through in a system that promotes narcissistic behavior. I went through a horrendous Divorce with a sociopathic ex (diagnosed ASPD). I’ll share the best ways to approach this unfamiliar world of family court, and telling you what tricks to expect your ex to use against you as he uses your children as ponds to punish you with interested only in “winning” and how relying on justice, or thinking that you know this person will leave you unprepared for the ugliness that is family court and the shocking behavior of a narcissist in the midst of a discard. He/She feels entitled to everything and they will have no guilty conscience getting in their way of telling lies, destroying your relationships, tearing apart your family, abusing your children, and doing anything that he can get away with looking like he was the victim.

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  • Elle Bee

    Yeah its not about gender. Women can be brutal, too. The family court thing sounds like a nightmare. I dont think you were gullible to let your guard down with your then life partner and family; You werent at fault. At one time domestic abuse wasnt taken seriously….nor was marital rape. Women didnt know it was even a thing. Good people just make the assumption that others are good and that sociopaths are just in the movies. I did wonder about co-narcissists…..I think eventually they need an equal partner in crime. Empaths maybe just remind them of what the lack. Dead eyed sharks swim together. :p

  • Rumelynut

    I like your video thanks……I have a comment….I was discussing my experience a few days ago with a retired Court official and after they had herd my perverse story it was pointed out to me my lawyer appeared to be running a defensive case on my behalf effectively going along with the Narcs chaos which is the inference in your advice. It was suggested to me my lawyer needs to run a offensive champagne and put the narc on the defense….probably easier said than done but food for thought. I agree that Narcissists and psychopaths have a penchant for litigation and often relish in the event. They also tend to represent them selves instead of hiring an lawyer…..This has a few advantages to the Narc….1/ they can say what they like and place plausible lies in court papers and 2/ run up your legal bills exhausting your ability to defend your self. They are sub human mechanical monsters running rife unchecked by the family Court.

  • Maxwell Bernstein

    Thank you for these vidro. I appreciate your testimony so much. Please tell us more specific stories of the divorce you've been through with specific principles like you do so well, about each part of it and break it down, so we know how to handle each issue, from counseling, to the financial disclosure, to how to communicate when they block you, how to remain respected by your attorney and the judge while being sabotaged and framed, how to find a lawyer who the narc cannot pay off, (because so far my ex has bribed all 6 lawyers and they either sabotaged my case horrifically or withdrew from my case leaving me to need funds I don't have to retain another lawyer. Thank you for anything you can teach me. I'm in my 60's and have nothing because of her dissipation of assets. If I lose this divorce I will be homeless for the rest of my life.

  • Maxwell Bernstein

    My previous comment below was written during the watching of this video and it wasn't until the end that I learned for the first time about your son. I just wanted to say I'm so very, very sorry for his suffering from the situation and for your loss. Being a parent, I can't begin to imagine the heartache you must carry everyday. What a tragedy. I hope you are able to somehow find peace amidst your pain. Your son is finally at rest now. My deepest sympathies to you, dear one.

  • candygirl

    Yes, me too! Ladies, Listen To Her! The time of the desertion was the absolute worst time for myself and my ill son. That of course was the Perfect Time For Him. Kicking people when their down makes for an Easier win! Criminals have rights that don't exists in Family Court. Family Court is a evil, virtually Lawless, and my illusions were shattered about justice. Awful!

  • Brenda Bee

    Going through this for last three years with narcissist ex husband. I can relate to all that your saying about the court system and perceptions and defensive attorneys verses offensive. I was much like you in that I tried to find peace and I always complied with everything but my ex twisted things around to make himself look like the victim. Yet he never followed Court orders himself. Broke all court orders multiple times but never got reprimanded. I felt like system was against the poorer party or maybe against the respondent or maybe against the women. I have never seen so much unconscionable stuff in my life. I might right the next book.
    Would love to tell my story also. Their is no justice in the civil court system. And no they do not care about the best interest of the children at all!!!!

  • Bugaboo

    I totally relate. I didn't know what a narcissistic was. I hid all the dirty things he had done as well, to protect him. I also thought he would get better. He's molested my children. I found out and left w my children. He's still never been prosecuted. Even though he actually admitted it to me. The system is a mess.

  • Bugaboo

    you really are so correct. especially the part about keeping your calm. I was like you when I went to meet w lawyers and I was distraught and terrified. I learned very quickly I had to LOOK calm. although I was a hot mess on the inside bc I was horrified at the thought of what could be for my kids. my situation started in 2012 and I'm still being drug through the system by him. like u even though I had been w him for over 10 yrs I had no clue what I was dealing with. I knew he was abusive towards myself but understanding the depths of the abuse and recognizing what he was doing to our children is a whole other ballgame. I still don't always recognize how low he's willing to go. through all this there would be times where I would think "at some point he'll have a moment of reflection and realize what he's doing is so wrong, or his heart will feel convicted and he'll stop" but no. that's how a normal person is. these ppl are not normal.

  • Olma2013

    I’m so sorry what you went through 😞… I am about to file for divorce from my N husband.. I live in Canada (Quebec) and I think courts are almost the same here, there is no justice actually… I wanted to ask you what helped you to get custody of your kids??… I want to say thank you for this video!

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