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Narcissistic Victim Syndrome 20 Signs You Have This

There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding narcissistic abuse, narcissistic abuse victim syndrome, healing Cptsd due to emotional abuse and overcoming the abuse inflicted by narcissistic parents; however having someone guide and mentor you on your healing journey can be so helpful. If you feel you can benefit from inviting someone on your healing journey, please check out these links for face to face coaching and/or phone coaching:
For those interested in an interactive self help journal, here is the link for the PDF entitled I Miss Me and I Want Me Back
Michele is someome that has truly been there; after surviving 31 years of narcissistic abuse by family members and significant others, she now dedicates her time and energy toward helping others as a Trauma Recovery Coach and soon to be a Certified Kinesiolgy Practitioner to help others that are still on their road to recovery.

For those that are going to court against a narcissist, the PDF entitled When The Devils The Defendent has been a helpful tool for thousands-



  • Andy Krohn

    I don’t wish anything bad or want revenge on my narc mom, or my extremely passive introverted may as well of not even bin around dad. Nothing can repay my life back or give me a second chance. It’s purity much the saddest thing in the world my life was over before it ever began and is still at the starting line as far as I can tell. I’m so afraid now to try most of the time that it holds me back and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to work passed. Especially since I’m isolated and have zero support account of trust, abandonment and insecurity issues. Plus I’m tired of all the ruminating so tired that Id just as soon stay alone and save myself the hassle. I totally know exactly what she’s talking about we’re nothing makes sense and I’m always confused about relationships I always feel crazier and crazier all the time. I can never make it far enough past my last fuck up to build up enough confidence to get anywhere. And my mom did totally screw me right up in the head and now she can’t understand why I’m unable to hold a job and get a girl friend or even live on my own for shit sake. Cptsd I definitely got that like crazy and hate the hell out of it all I want is to dye and the world to end ASAP. FML life is so retarded I wouldn’t wish this hell on anyone that’s why I’m never having kids I could never live with myself if what happened to me happened to my kid.

  • Lyudmila Senchenko

    With every sing of the abuse syndrome you were describing. My physical heart was becoming tighter and heavier and I was hoping that I would not relate to some of them but unfortunately that's not the case…💔
    Amazing information, so true! Thank you!

  • Nadine Landgraf

    Yes! The worst part about it is .. they tell everyone you are the one that's mentally sick… even though you just reacted to their behavior. But somehow… you the narc… you the devil.. and you are the one mentally sick. I even got told by my narc ex that ive borderline. Simply because I couldn't get over the fact that he would emotionally dry me out. He wouldn't touch me for months at the time and didnt see nothing wrong with it what's so ever, of course it was my fault that he never touched me. He made me feel alone and I wasnt able to tell him shit without that he would yell, gaslight and belittle me. No thanks! Remove people like that out of your life. No pain can be worse then the abuse of a narc.. they will make you feel like you crazy and claim you abused them even though you been the one that was always there for them….. believe me.. you will feel better once you remove them. They will never care if you walk away but at least You wont feel so crazy anymore. Promise! 😊 ps…. once they start to claim you abused them… run! You dont want that type of energy around you…ever…they will never ever See that their actions caused problems and they will feel abused simply because you criticize the way they are in a relationship. I wasted 5 years on someone that never really loved me. Only what I could do for him and there is nothing worse then loving someone that walks around claiming you abused them… when in real life you just been tired of their shit!!!

  • le_vanille

    It is even more hard, next to impossible to "bring yourself back" if that abuse was from the mother, since you ever remember yourself…. You'll have to dig so deep into the past and memories of what you actually were like as a child, before her manipulations, criticism and abuse broke you emotionally and psychologically and made you an empty shell.
    I live thousands mi away from my mom and a grown up woman. Yet when I do my hobbies or work on things that are not ordinary like "all normal" people do, I still hear her voice in my head "why are you doing stupid useless things like that? go read a book instead or do something what normal people do". It takes a great amount of effort to shake it off at the moment and keep pursuing my dreams.

  • Adrienne Viney

    Thank you so very much for putting this video out there as it is crucially important that people whom have been victims of narcissism can obtain the help required. I know that I have been a victim of this kind of nasty, dictatorial, suffocating behaviour and lost my sense of identity in the process. However I am free of this now, but it seemed to take forever to work through the process of what was going on, as victim's not only lose their identity, confidence, self esteem, self worth they lose everything that is them…Doctors and even certain therapists do not recognise the symptoms displayed in a victim of this very toxic narcissistic behaviour and quite often the victim is always in a state of blame being the victim, that they don't recognise what's happening to them either. A person can have the strongest of mind or will but can still be broken down by this type of relationship…and in my case as a victim it wasn't realised until too late, for me that is..Anyway I'm restored back to myself now, having encountered many people whom along the way have all helped…some people on sites like these have played a part..I know whom they are, and they know also, I have a lot of gratitude towards these people for their contribution and to yourself as a previous victim. Love and light and gratitude, hope this video reaches many people…Namaste XXX

  • Antoinette Gorman

    Hi Michelle Please can you give me some advice

    Something weird is happening. Years of all the crap. I broke up with the narcissists for 10 mths .since I got bk with him he cannot be nicer this is going on now for 6mths
    But I am afraid to trust it. Please could you put some light on what's going on.this is messing my head up more. Tks Michelle love you're videos x

  • Hana Spy

    Dreams that is true. I had many dreams that I was drowing. I did walk on very narrow long bridge in the ocean and bridge got right on the water there was nothing to hold on and water got over. I got under the water and desperately tried to get on the surface. I had many dreams when I walked on the beach and it was like tsunami and I end up under water. Dreams like that means that there was chaos in my life and I need to reborn, leave my old life and start all over. I do bielive in dreams.

  • Janet Romey

    This was so thorough. They all act the same. It's not a disorder it's demonic. My x printed out a document and showed it to me and everyone saying I was taking some medicine, which I wasnt, and told me I was having a psychotic episode from it. 52 years of abuse. 1 narc after another. If you talk about it the next narcs mouth is watering because you just told them you were abused. They want to abuse you next.

  • Narc Survivor

    Prolonged contact with these people will change you completely. They will destroy your self worth, self esteem and self belief. They will convince you to hate yourself. They will make you full of hate and anger. They will make you insecure and feel inferior to them. They do this because it's exactly how they feel and they are envious of your good qualities. Miserable, low quality, envious, bitter people. Avoid them.

  • Leslie Blanton

    Why is narcissism so widespread? It seems like the world is the narcissist’s to abuse freely. I submit that the real problem on the planet, and the reason for all the chaos and discord is this WEIRD infestation of narcissists. Maybe we are not studying them carefully enough. Innocent victims have been smeared as the problem far too often and the psychiatry profession is who blames victims more often than not. I think narcissism is some kind of disease. It has spread and we need to get on top of the challenge to eradicate it.

  • Silver MrE

    I've seen myself in almost all of the points you made in this video. The difference is my wife and I have two kids in which my standing up for myself almost lead to a separation and the kids being used as a weapon against me! I apologized for things I didn't do to save my family. That hurt me a lot and still does. My wife's cult-like church and her family has been a huge strain in our marriage. I couldn't even touch her because of "sin."
    Anyway, my point is that I've begun to separate myself from her family because they keep poking and prodding which kept causing fights in my marriage. They've used my anger against me time and time again and they've ended up acting like saints. My oldest is now about to go to high school and I feel like their time is running out. The control they once had over me is over. I feel better I really do but I struggle with lost time. 16 years of living the same garbage over and over again. They don't like me now because I no longer stay quiet. You could say they even hate me now more than ever but at the same time I feel more liberated than ever before!

  • Buzzing Bee

    You look so young considering what you went through. I've aged a lot from the stress it sucks because I compare myself to the much younger new supply. He didn't stress me though its that I had to do everything by myself including taking care of him like a single mom.

  • Karen Mackay

    Is it possible to be both a victim and be a narcissist in relationships? Having been brought up by narcissists i am aware of my hurt, lost child who never developed and yet i have an unloving attitude to people based on power. This makes me feel hopeless and wicked.

  • Breakthrough Moment

    I don't agree with your statement in #11 that low self-esteem (that you may have already had) doesn't become exacerbated, or "crippling" until you've been in a toxic relationship to a narcissist (meaning, spouse or partner). That is incorrect. If you developed low self-worth as a result of growing up with a narcissistic parent, that is what creates the precondition for low self-esteem in ALL of your relationships with everyone you meet (friends, classmates, colleagues, bosses, extended family, etc.). It's the template, the programming, the "MO" that rules your entire LIFE until you awaken to your unconscious patterns and consciously change them.

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