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Narcissistic Supply.

Narcissistic Supply, what is it? and who is considered a source of Narcissistic Supply to the Narcissist? In this video I explain a personal experience in which I realized that my Narcissist was extracting Narcissistic Supply from someone. My hope is that by listening to my experience you might get an idea of the dynamics involved with Narcissistic Supply and may therefore notice patterns within your own experience where something similar is occurring.

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  • Narcissist Free -almost

    So basically, your ex narc was helping your father launder money from South Africa through your US mortgage (probably other things as well); avoiding exchange rates and taxes. Interesting little scam. That's why your father was so "interested". What's even MORE interesting is that your ex N would take money from his 401K to pay your father; the penalties for doing that are extremely high, not to mention he would forfeit any company matching. Hmm. I think there was way more to this than just narc supply. Narcs and money… tsk, tsk.

  • candygirl

    A Narc/Psychopath wastefully runs down shared interest in property, and cash, when planning abandonment of his spouse and/or child, divorce.  This, they enjoy.  It is sport.  They desire there be nothing left to be forced to share.  They Will Not share equitably, period.  That's been my experience.  Sharing implies We, there will never be a We, never; only a ME.  If they have the cushion of a wealthy family, they have nothing to lose, plan to sue their siblings to get what they want when parent's die, and believe they will Always be able to earn/con to get he money they Want.  They are extremely patient and will wait decades to take what is theirs, which is Everything.  Thank you for sharing. Perhaps there are those who have seen what I have.

  • krissy nashville

    I feel for you as one who has also been subjected to a narcissist for over  6 years. Sam Vaknin's videos opened my eyes to what / who I was dealing with.  When you talk of Narcissistic supply it's not just the search for intelligence or money or prestige in a potential food source, it can be someone who can be manipulated for sex and adulation. These individuals are highly skilled at what they do and are real dangers.

  • dylanesque66

    What a horrific story!
    Being a person with different experiences in life, & my handling things in a different way, naturally, I have my own take, or perspective on your family, based on my own bad experiences with my narcissistic family.
    Keep in mind, I have not so much as seen my family for a holiday since 1973.
    When you talk about the pain of "losing" your parents, please do not think this is insensitive, because it is quite the opposite…
    But I do not think you ever really had real parents in any emotional sense of the word.
    It sounds like they abused you terribly as a child, in many levels and ways.
    They tore you down to build themselves up.
    Although you do not see it this way (and I do deeply empathize), but I think your husband unintentionally did you a big favor.
    I think your parents were so damaging to you.
    I think that anything that could separate them from you is a good thing, even tho your husband's intentions were mean & cruel. What's awful people they sound like.


    Daylight out of Darkness, The Narccist will show case you to his support network and his audience, so say "Hey look hw our relationship is so great" so when he fucks up, the narccist will say idk what whappen ask her, the people you love or your own parents will turn against you and say it's you because the narccist has been seeding false pretences of being a an amzing nice person. I have never dated a narcisst but my own brother sibling who is 4 years old than me(i am 24), has turn all my our mutual relatives and my own mother against me.the only person who supports me is my dad. my parents are devorced now which helped me bc i now live with my dad and the nar lives with my mother. My Job is now to warn any future girls who will think they have found a perfect husband, he will try to block me to talk to his future fiance or wife bc i now know what he is

  • Tamara Young

    It's like he was your brother and competing for the attention of your parents. Once a friend or partner try to make you look bad to get attention, it's so hard to respect them. Also, if a partner does that, it's such a turn off that it makes them unattractive.

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