‘Narcissistic sociopath’ hospital manager lured co-op student

‘Narcissistic sociopath’ hospital manager lured co-op student

BARRIE – The former manager of corporate communications of Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston who lured a young girl into seedy sexual favours told a court he is disgusted with himself.

“I am appalled by my actions,” said Jared Nolan, 37, as he stood before a judge in a suit and tie Friday.

He pleaded guilty to one count of luring a child for the purposes of obtaining child pornography and was sentenced to 18 months in jail and two years of probation.

Court heard how over a period of months he lured a 16-year-old girl who had applied for a co-op position at the hospital in Nov. 2016. He sent her private Facebook messages, sent her $250 in gift cards and convinced her to send him nude pictures of herself. In return, he sent the girl photos of his penis with requests for sex and offers of more money.

During this time, the girl’s parents became alarmed when they noticed their daughter was becoming “dark, distant and withdrawn,” but they didn’t know why.

The girl’s father was outraged when one day he noticed some sexual messages to his daughter on her cell phone. He immediately called Nolan who repeatedly denied contacting his daughter, court heard.

“I wanted to reach through the phone and grab him,” the father said in a victim impact statement. He and his daughter can not be identified.

“I was so filled with rage I couldn’t see straight,” said the father.

Police did a search of Nolan’s computer which showed chat messages sent to the girl had been deleted, but police found 50 images and five videos of child porn on the computer.

“You are a narcissist sociopath, void of all moral worth,” he told Nolan in court. “I hope you brought your toothbrush today.”

He said he was baffled when he learned Nolan had a wife and children of his own.

“How could a man, a father himself, set about to cause so much harm to another man’s family?”

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Nolan’s wife has remained supportive throughout the ongoing court appearances.

He said he does not hold the hospital responsible for Nolan’s actions.

“They are as much a victim as we are.”

Nolan was also charged in connection with similar allegations that involved three other teenaged girls in Ireland, London, England and Waterloo, Ont. Those charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea. In a pre-sentence report Nolan acknowledged that “he does have an interest in youthful-looking teens.”

Nolan appeared contrite and docile as he held out his hands to police, who handcuffed him and led him away.

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