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Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs Sex Addict



  • Sereena Nightshade

    Well who a predator latches onto as the next source of supply depends on how decompensated the predator is (i.e. he cannot get the high quality in many cases if he is too decompensated to maintain the facade for a significant period of time). When the predator is decompensated but not so much that he can't maintain the facade at all there is a lot of luck of the draw in who he ends up with. He will go after and lure in everything — good, okay and really low quality all at the same time. The mere fact that the predator is decompensated means his judgment goes into the toilet (delusional thinking in idealizing crap and the predator becomes extremely gullible — can't tell the difference between top quality and low quality while he is getting supply). Etc. Etc. As for the idea that the current spousal victim is top quality and thus the next one obviously appears to be less than her — relevant factors may revolve around what the predator has done to the current spousal victim. If the spousal predator has perpetrated enough severe abuse against the spousal victim then he may have destroyed her. In such cases the current spousal victim may look not so good on the surface (i.e. total sabotage of the spouse's education, job/career, as well as horrific abuse by proxy, false arrest, psychiatric abuse, abductions where the spousal victim is assaulted in various ways, etc.) tend to create a spousal victim that is so traumatized and run down exhausted that she does not look as new and good as a target who is not yet destroyed by these listed abuses. However, that does not mean the new target won't also end up a train wreck because she will. So while some predator's just decompensate, become stupidly gullible and pick trash out of the choices they have other predators totally destroy their spousal victims (burn em' up and gore em' out) so if one did not know what had been done to that victim one would conclude the new target actually IS much better quality…… Of course the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (Albert Ellis), especially when dealing with a predator. For more info on one of numerous kinds of special vacations a predator can send a spousal victim on that can make her look like the low quality one even if she isn't and even if she could recover and be much better than the new target the predator is settling on can be viewed via this video by Dr. Jeannie King — Legal Psychiatric Abuse – 5 Keys to Prevent Mental, Psychological Rape of Battered Women

    I have a number of videos on abuse by proxy and special vacations because I have personally interviewed too many top quality victims who have been shattered by it to dismiss its relevance/impact on the current or surface appearance of such victims. Etc. However, once upon a time my view of who cheats and why was also naive. I actually thought that most people only cheat when their spouse abuses them horribly or perhaps only when the marital "relationship" has been over for so many years that they are basically living totally separate lives. I never knew a spouse would destroy his victim via vicious abuses (heinous abuses any moron could easily predict would create a disaster in the victim) and then move onto someone else like he will somehow get a better result by changing partners (like the new partner won't break when he breaks her) — I also never thought someone could decompensate and suddenly his ability to pick the best from the trash would just disappear leaving him literally unable to tell the difference, yet this is exactly what happens with narcs and sociopath/psychopath spousal predators (both these scenarios are the norm). Then don't forget sociopaths get bored easily and thus no one can hold their interest forever…

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