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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – The Step Kids

A story from a friend and a touch of narcissism from their parents. Treating the kids equally.



  • Sue's Journey

    I can relate to all of it Joe.. watching someone favoritizing and/or devaluing through gifts and money is really difficult because we know exactly how that feels. Bravo.. that she didn't allow that to happen. No child needs to carry that around – that feeling after being belittled.
    Btw.. I hope you don't shorten up your videos.. I really like how you explain through the experiences you've had.
    Hugs! I'm really looking forward to hearing more of these money game tactics they use to abuse their targets.. us.

  • CC's World AUSTRALIA

    Not fair, children all treated the same. Great for your friend to do the right thing! ha, ha John Wayne….your dad should have imitated the Brady bunch..all so lovely. We didn't have tv when i was a child until i was 12, but went to friend to watch tv show, loved Tarzan…lol Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. Take care

  • gemstonediamond

    Hi Joe, nothing ever makes sense…except in their for money, its a medium of exchange and all about power…hence its called'' cold hard cash''…there is no feeling in gifting cash…they probably haven't even taken the time to learn what these kids are interested really sucks…the arrogance of them… that they would even feel they had a right to make that decision in the first place !!! my blood boils…thiswas a hard one for me to think about… wishes always

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