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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: self-discovery is key

Discover your true source of power by looking inside of yourselves and you will find the best help and protection in dealing with NPD-associated trauma.



  • NPDrecovery

    I think I overused the word "truly" to the point I'll avoid it for a while 🙂 Sorry! I spent so much time editing, I can not make myself go back for more 😀 Thank you for listening and sharing despite it all! :)

  • clappic

    gather enough knowledge about him or her , and resentment .

    Date someone else , leave .

    I made her leave by supplyin less and less Nsupply as i was conscious of her games and to finish it i red her an article about her traits , she couldnt stand it , freedom !

  • Catherine S. Todd

    It sure does make them "hate me for asserting my self-worth" and they accuse me of thinking I'm "better than them." But I'm a full-blown codependent and I've been working on this my entire life. These videos are really informative. Thank you!

  • Annite Vanette

    I think "truly" is a key word and it can't be overstressed. Because, after putting so many masks in order to cope, self discovery is a long, long process for us (narcissists) until we find our truly selves, that is, until we like what we see. Your videos are becoming my morning mantras. Thank you for posting them.

  • semt9

    Really interesting point about how you don't help the narc when you stick with them. I never thought I was codependent, i'm just over a month NC now and don't want to go back, but have moments where I wish I could help and I know i stayed for so long because I felt like N had no one and it was my role to be there for him. As someone who likes to help others it's comforting to know that I did what I needed to do to protect myself but I also did the little positive thing I could for him by leaving

  • NPDrecovery

    thank you for your comment! this particular video is available as transcript on squidoo (look for "makarenko", please) – also I have more material on my blog same "name" as here – NPDrecovery (kindly, look for the link in my channel's description, since they won't let me put the link in the comment) – there are some posts that have not made it in the "video" form yet, as well as the once you see in the videos. Thank you again for sharing – Best!

  • Garry Noodles

    I was on tb edge of my chair waiting for the solution in effectively and lovingly dealing with a narc. This is because I am married to one. Over the years of being married to a narc, I notice that I am becoming a narc myself and becoming addicted to sexual allusion from varied sources. Would like to know how to deal with spousal narcissism.

  • NPDrecovery

    Perhaps I do not know enough about how to "manage" such a marriage, since my most heart felt wish for spouses of N's is just to get out, as soon as possible, but I do know that this person called Sam Vaknin has some pretty useful videos on that – you can check out his channel, if you like – it's just his name spelled as one word… My heart goes out to you and I hope you will take your own health and well-being into consideration! Take care!

  • Garry Noodles

    Thanks for such sincere advice. With children involved, it will be premature to call it quits. Also, your video is helping me to see how best to attempt to break the cycle of narc in my own offspring. As you said before, Narcs have serious subconscious and some conscious relationship destroying behaviors. However, as a male, I am responsible to make every and all attempts to make it work. Thanks again for a timely resource.

  • Matthew Rogers

    Always enjoy these video's, they have a very warm and disarming quality that provides a real clearing for me to see both sides of my battle. Especially enjoyed the break down in the beginning. Really helps to defend against internalizing negative energy from others when you understand they are actually acting out against their own history of suppression and torment. It can be hard at times to understand how to remove the "target" that I myself gave a home in my heart. Also liked the "OZ" analogy for the narcs operation tactics. Words and knowledge are powerful agents in the fight for peace and direction!!! Thanks for your attention to detail and your sharing 🙂

  • Justine Torre

    Perfect Definition of NPD! Personally, I think any of us is capable of being a narcissist because it is rooted in insecurity, and "we" all have our fears & insecurities. What makes us come out of narcissistic tendencies is growth, change, evolution & transformation. NPD is a dependency like alcohol dependency. Many co-dependents become narcs themselves. Like the saying goes, "Your vibe is your tribe!" The energy rubs off on you & you start losing your true self & your own identity. Because co-dependents are such people-pleasers, they will compromise their own integrity for the sake of their ego. They need to feel wanted, accepted, adored, praised, etc. We all want to feel validated, but their need is excessive because they don't know who they are if they don't have that reassurance. The word "insecurity" itself says it all…lack of security so you seek it in others, instead of giving yourself worth & value. Self-empowerment is knowing your own worth & value. Because we exist, we matter. We want to become better versions of ourselves.

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