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narcissistic personality disorder part 3

narcissistic personality disorder part 3 emotional and physical abuse.



  • HeyDale !

    Hey man! I think I'm this kind of situation right now, good thing I crossed bout your video, you have a very nice detailed emphasis of this, now I know that I'm a victim already of this monster ! thanks

  • Mystical Bella

    Very interesting video… except when have you seen a guy spending 2 hours on his hands and knees trying to a blood stain out of a carpet, grease stains furniture, or generally cleaning up after themselves when there's a woman (like his mom) around to do that stuff?
    Also, I think EVERYONE can agree that guys want a VERY attractive looking woman, hot, well dressed, nice hands, feet, eyelashes, definitely a super hot and in shape body, maybe even some long sexy hair. So when you look at a hot chick, and disregard some other woman who isnt so hot, what goes through your head? that all those bells and whistles dont take hours upon hours a day to maintain? if a woman secretly spends 3 hours a day on her appearance, you say "yeah, great! she's the hottest girl around and she's doing it all for me"… or maybe she does it because she's just a narcissist and its written ALL OVER a woman who micro manages all those appearance details… why wouldnt you for just one second think that she wouldnt micromanage and objectify YOU? Men with shallow, looks-based criteria most frequently end up with narcissists at some point, because the depth of the woman matches the depth of his criteria.

  • DLRowzee

    Ive figured out how to handle my 79 yo narc mother(finally). I go about my life and ignore her. If she says anything, I ignore her. When she repeats, I say "huh"? Then I make her repeat again, then say something like.."what"? They hate this nonresponsiveness.

  • dary johnson

    thanks for the videos they were extremely hel[ful in me breaking all ties with my last GF I was cluesless but knowledge is a weapon…I have totally disassociated myself from that individual….interesting also to note in the bilbe this phenoemoena is  known as the Jezebel spirtit I am not a bible thumper at all..check it helped me..thankjs Roy

  • Kaleb st clair

    I wanna say this video hits home with me about narcs do not even acknowledge you when needed the most ! i was ill and in hospital and was left in there alone and then later came home and really hurt but after that a few months later I got worse and had to go back due to cancer and more complications and when i was in a coma 2 days he never came and I got better some and think I am i remission but when I came back home he was gone and stole my things and Took money off my debit card and also my electric was off … This is just some nightmare of the 7 yrs of torture … But This video does say so much but the depth of the narcs levels they will do has no limits .. Pray cause I am still having harsh time with all this … Thanks Kaleb

  • Marc Doggydaddy

    I really want to thank you for your video. The very idea that I could
    leave the earth and not realize why my mother is a narcissist is truly
    unsettling. I have swallowed whole pharmacies and been in therapy for
    decades. No matter what I did I could not find peace or improve my
    life. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. The
    strange thing about recovery and getting out of the narcissists grip is
    easier than what I had to endure.all these years. I hope all children
    of narcissist abusers come to the same conclusion, I AM TRULY LUCKY.

    There are may videos that are great but your videos have touched me the most. I have related to yours more than any others. I am truly grateful you have put in such a magnificent effort that has truly opened my eyes. KNOWLEDGE IS TRULY POWER

  • Melrose 777

    This hits dead center how you gave precise examples of gaslighting and denial!! When i say to him "that's not what you said you said xyz" the rage bursts out of him and he tells me i never listen to him and i have a bad memory, but i do listen and i have a good memory, and i know exactly what he said ! Its been so many times I've been hurt or sick and he treats me as if nothings wrong . I have fibriods and it can be painfully excruciating at times and he would rub my back and then start touching my private parts , i would then push him away and call him a pervert and he would have this ridiculous laugh , and continue to do annoying things to piss me off and try to distract the attention from me to him! When he cant get his way with me and i wont walk on eggshells and dont take his lies and express my own opinions feelings and wants and tell him thats stupid ,oh boy the rage is something i never experienced in my whole life, he goes to far he hits chokes, kicks,smothers, threatens with objects , and to see blood is like seeing water it doesn't faze him ! The look on his face at these times are demonic his whole body language seems possessed ! He doesn't care about restraining orders or prisons! I have a plan to leave and its going to take some time to execute meanwhile i have to pretend as if everything is fine, because if he has a small hint of it all hell is going to brake loose on my life and or take it!! Thank you for the videos they mean alot

  • Brother's say no

    great video and really it's great relationship advice. one time my car broke and my ex Nark decided to end relationship. I felt unworthy because I couldn't pick him up. another time I had migraines. instead of seeing me by getting bus to my home he decided to go clubbing. his life was just a complete secret to me. But I still was brainwashed by him. lies was just normal to him.

  • Kevin Turner

    Marc doggy daddy you will leave this earth when God say so no matter how many pills you tuck and sections of therapy for decades you couldn't find peace in nothing you did you can find peace in God in the kjv bible that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the lord jesus and believe in your heart that God raise jesus from the dead you shall be saved

  • Kevin Turner

    Brother's say no your car broke God can. Help you get another. one in time your ex choose to end the relationship and good that was the best thing to happen in your life you are important and you had another migraines nc is good for you from your ex skip him its another chapter of your life is going to start it takes time channel name assc direct video name envy is the root of all evil channel name angie atkinson video name 7types of narcissist its 10 types of narcissist in the world everywhere to please educate yourself as much as you can all about narcisist the do's and don'ts its narcisist in every career from a to z and your condition to see if its a home remedi in a book or online for it channel name tyler jti video name what is a narcissist

  • Gwendolyn Wehage

    My extended family have been mean spirited regularly over the course of my 65 years. The stubborn and contemptuous attitude has been passed on to our children. They do and say the same things that the aunts and uncles do as though they learned very well how to treat me by watching their extended family members. I have gone no contact with all of them.

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