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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Narcissist’s addictions

Discussing a role that addiction plays in complicating Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)



  • Rig R

    somehow those people really do end up living 'till 100, all the drinking, smoking and risky behavior notwithstanding LOL or, may be, I just remember those and am not aware of all the other ones that perished not sure I believe selfish and nasty people will get it back sooner or later – one way or another

  • StarChildFunk

    I have been diagnosed whit narcistic personality disorder and bipolar disorder and I really feel that what u are saying helps me, thanx. Although i work hard and will be going back to shool this year I feel I did not achieve anything and I am unworthy even to live. I had adictive behaivor in the past such as eating disorder, cocain and prescribtion drugs. I wanted to have afection from man , to make better grades and socialice more. No matter who tells me Im inteligent and sexy, I never believe

  • Verde

    How about a woman (my sibling) who after years of promiscuity, alcoholism, pill popping, and now, an addiction to plastic surgery, has experienced being fired but deals with it by manipulating family members and hitting everyone up for money while she supports her plastic surgery lifestyle and creates a persona on Facebook as if she is an active writer and "educator" while she is really being supported by the state of CA as an addict? She's a schemer, too. Evil.

  • MatrixZi 42

    I wonder how many NPDs have watched this and the other videos on NPD. I think the only people watching and learning are the survivors of the NPD's abuse. It's my understanding that malignant NPDs will never admit that they have a problem. They maintain that they are perfect, while everyone else (including those they abuse) is at fault.

    Thinking all NPDs are victims of their past upbringing is a mistake, in my view. The malignant NPD that I know is from a large and well-functioning family. She has told many malicious lies about all of them at some point (including her deceased parents). In spite of this, her siblings are unwilling Enablers who survive by maintaining near-zero contact with her. I understand she was a nasty little child and teen. Anyway, nice videos.

  • Leslie Marie

    I notice some people say they are narcissists and are dealing with it.  Why would a true narcissist even be listening to these videos?  They don't think anything is wrong with them and never will is what I am getting.

  • Exalphagos the Destroyer of Worlds and Bringer of Infinite Misery

    My father saw me as an extension of himself. Not as an individual who had his own wants and needs. I was never good enough and was always punished for everything. I was even punished for being depressed. That's right, I was not allowed to be depressed and how stupid could I be because he claims I have it so good. Always hear him bragging to his friends about how great my sister was. I never received praise for any accomplishments. The only thing I had achieved was successfully avoid a scolding or a beating. Good times. 

    I flinch when people make sudden movements. I have insomnia and frequent panic attacks. I often have the urge to burst into tears or to harm (punish) myself. I have a huge sense of dread whenever I make a mistake (like imagine just narrowly jumping to avoid being hit by a train). Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Psychologist suspects I suffer from type 2 Bipolar Disorder. I am codependent. Being medicated for ADHD and on anti-psychotics for mood swings.

    I am somewhat successful in my career life. But I am unable to have healthy romantic relationships because I keep finding myself reliving my child parent dynamic. My dad takes credit for my career as his "tough love" was the push I needed. 

    It's unreal how much you can fuck up your children with your actions and words. I am fucked and probably will most likely always be alone. If you have kids, PLEASE… just love them. This is an entire life of a human person you are gambling with. If you cannot love them, please let them live with someone who will. I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on anyone.

  • Thomas Southern

    You do a great job of describing how the narcissist core successfully isolates the human spirit making it impossible to reach. I like to call this the hardened narcissist core. Anyone who has not hardened the core has the resources to begin facing those feelings. The hardening of the core is done by making all the ways to shore it up into habits of survival. The narcissist actually thinks that if they do not harden it at the slightest sign of weakness would lead to their death.

    Anyone who does not actually think this way is only deeply codependent and will likely begin healing at some point. The narcissist, on the other hand, will only harden the core further for the rest of their lives. I literally have my dad (was deeply codependent) and my uncle (overt narcissist) as examples of what I am trying to say. My dad doesn't play games anymore and has become more of a private introvert with a deep relationship with a few family members who didn't give up on him. My uncle distances himself further and further in his age from everyone. They were both coddled by their mother who was a deep codependent daughter of a narcissist mother.

    Narcissist/Codependent is like a fuzzy virus in human programming. My family shows a lot of this infection on all sides.

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