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Narcissistic Parents Groom Their Children to Distrust Those who are Trustworthy – VLOG DAY #25

The views and comments expressed in this video are mine and not associated with the APA or the ACA. Please be well advised, seek professional counsel with a mental healthcare practitioner should it be necessary. The information shared in this video are for educational and information purposes only.

The trust issues of those who are adult children of narcissists and or cluster B personalities can run very deep. Narcissistic parents often use a diabolical tactic in the guise of grooming their children to see others as untrustworthy even if he or she proves to be trustworthy. Narcissistic parents groom their children to only trust them, regardless of the fact that they have proven to their own children that they are not trustworthy or emotionally safe. Adult children of narcissists are often repeating the dysfunctional scenario of investing in dysfunctional relationships with others who have not proven themselves trustworthy and who have a cluster B personality or a narcissistic personality, just like his or her parents.

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Terrifying Transferences: Aftershocks of Childhood Trauma
By: Lawrence E. Hedges



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  • persiamotorman

    I know a lower functioning sociopath who has a very malignant and sneakier mother. He identified with her abusive behaviors, and learned everything he knows from her. However if they are in close proximity under the same roof for long, they will start to butt heads because they are too alike, and also because they project onto each other. Mostly the Mother scapegoats him. She is the ultimate brainwasher, and he is the ultimate hypnotic liar. They have these knock down drag out highly dramatic oppositional encounters, but when the dust settles, he's back worshiping his mother again even if she's made him go homeless. It's a never ending cycle of project, fight, "love" and make-up. She mainly uses him for supply….another pity bait to pull more of her own victims in.

  • shocker...

    This was right on time tbh. My boyfriend has always proved to be trustworthy. But I keep picking fights and pushing him away. I really think I messed up 2 days ago and I havent talked to him since then. I've apologized and feel so bad…embarrassed, really by the way I treated him. I was upset that he wouldn't make his display picture the two of us on social media. So silly. But I just needed that validation and I wouldn't let it go. I can't expect him to bare with me while I navigate this and try to recover from the abuse I only just realized I suffered as a teen at the hands of my narc mom and co-operative family. I'm just a mess right now. My bf is so sweet and taught me what love is but I don't accept it. 😢 So sad..

  • stacey del bucchia

    Thank you…that was awesome…I did not know about this month of June…narcissistic abuse …💝…we are the survivors…I love learning as much as I can…so many angles…starting in childhood to now…have a great week y god bless you…💜S🌸

  • 3rdStoneObliterum

    Some people reach the age of 40 without ever having felt the feeling of being right or correct about something. Parents never gave any validation or confirmation, but rather said "you are just a kid and you don't know anything you are talking about. We are the adults. We know about the world. What would you know you are just a kid? You are wrong and we are right."

  • Dawn Elizabeth

    Hi Luminousz Ztar, you make me feel part of the family that I never had. Congrats and welcome to your freedom! My counselors never gained my trust and rightly soo! For one of them i had to get my financial advisor to request a refund. Take care and thanks!

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