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In this video I discuss the different attachment styles & how they relate to narcissism.

In the comment section please tell me which attachment style resonated with you the most.

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  • Julie Flores

    I'm definitely anxious preoccupied. I have worked very hard throughout the years to improve myself, and I think it's paid off. I know I'll always have anxiety and feel pressure to succeed. Anyone else feel jealous when hearing about a secure attachment-styled person? I guess I still need work LOL

  • Journey of a Warrior

    Fearful – avoidant/anxious -avoidant for the majority of my life. I personally believe that anyone in this state fall into a bipolar disorder that should have a good professional to help balance and recover to heal into a healthy attachment style.
    It’s taken me 20 years of self work and the majority of the progress has been made in just the last 5 years. This process is slow and breaking a generational cycle is hard but well worth the self discovery to help better understand that I can help my children heal faster the more I heal myself first. The old saying that “ the first one to break down the brick wall gets the bloodiest “ is true; but if you have this attachment style and survived trust me when I say you are a very strong individual ! Growing up in my household & marrying a similar beast; then later caring for the elderly parents and dealing with this dysfunctional family ultimately going “ no contact “ because all that was promised was a lie. Growing up and living in environments where there is nothing but black and what; no grey areas ( because that’s where those skeletons live of the abhorring actions & coping dysfunction reside ) this created a need for me to create the grey areas in between as a subconscious override. It’s taken me 2 decades doing that work to understand where this began and how to change how I perceive myself on the inside and the hardest moment of breaking down that wall internally was the realization that I have always deep down felt unwanted and deep down knowing that my father never wanted me and processing that was extremely painful, but extremely healing.
    I had a very warped definition of what love looks like; and confused love with a sick & twisted form of self sacrifice to achieve emotional stability in my environment.
    It wasn’t until I truly felt that I am deserving of love and being wanted and started showing this kindness to myself first that I fully believe now that “rejection is God’s protection “ and to value my own worth and self respect not to beg for others to include me. There are others who are wanting you to be a part for what you bring to the table; but the hard part is knowing when to walk away or let them cast you out and comfortable with feeling wanted even if at the moment it’s only wanting to spend time with yourself ;value your own gifts and grow stronger knowing expanding your own potential.
    I’m cheering for all out there trying to heal and grateful for this channel!🙏💕💫

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