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Narcissistic Parent | Father’s Day Voicemail (2015)

Covert Narcissists, like my Mother, are good at not being the “Bad Guy”. She always has someone else to do their “Dirty Work” for her. My Narcissistic Mother uses my Father to abuse-by-proxy. This voicemail is from my Father on Father’s Day morning. He had been so mean to me this year, and so I decided (for the first time EVER) not to send him something for Father’s Day. My Mom called a few hours later, as if she didn’t have a clue about my Father’s actions.



  • Row Deo

    Who cares about cards and holidays anyway? The drugs again? I hope you do have lots of friends, and a career, and goals that are your own. I have eight children and never spoke to anyone of my kids like that. Guilt trips are horrible. I was told I was causing my mothers blindness from stress as a teen LOL in fact, she was born cross eyed and at 96 has macular and has had it for years. I was continuously made to feel guilt but my father was not a narcissistic man he was an ignorant one funny how guilt is used. Again, I fled on a greyhound bus uuuugh five horrible nites without sleep I just couldnt sleep I was a mess when I arrived in SF but I sent them a telegram to tell them I was alive and left the area. I never regretted my leaving they were driving me nuts with the control issues. I am now at a point of reviewing my life as I probably will enter my last two decades of life and do not regret anything. I hope you will feel that way someday. Self preservation requires you to do what you are doing family means little and sometimes can hold you back if it is dysfunctional. A real family supports, cheers you on, defends you, if there is a problem with your mate family would gently tell you their concern. You will get through this.

  • Jaclyn Conti

    This is so spot on it's disgusting. I have had so many voicemails, just like this, through the years, and I always thought it was nonsense as to how I was always in the wrong. I have recently been "Awakened" that my mother is the one with NPD and my father is the enabler. My older sister is the Golden Child, and my younger sister is on her way. I have been only limited contact, and I can already tell that I will need to do NC in the very near future. Thank you so much for posting something like this. I can finally get further clarification that I am not the crazy one. Oh, and I supposedly married my kidnapper too from my family, so lol. I look forward to living my life. You are beautiful!

  • Eva Russell

    This video tore me up. </3 :'( I'm sure this must have also been hard for you to listen. These people are experts at painting themselves as a victim and their target as the perpetrator. I don't have narcissistic parents (THANK GOD!) Actually, take that back. My DAD is pretty narcissistic for shutting me and my brothers out of his life. I've learned to accept that he will never change & that his decision to turn his back on my brothers & me is more about him. Despite not very much narcissism in my family, I HAVE had relationships with narcissistic people, and I've lost friends and many people I felt close to because of these people. I felt like I owed them explanations for quite some time, but you know what the results always are. They're like energy vampires. A few weeks ago, I made the wise decision by going NO CONTACT with all of my narcissists. Now, I feel much better than I did before. Every now & then, they'll still try & harass me. This is going to take a while, I know, but the more I ignore their harassment, the more bored they will become, causing them to search for a new target. Watching videos of narcissism makes me feel better, because it helps me to realize that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm glad you also made the decision to go no contact. Keep it up! It will get better in the end, I promise. I wish you & your boyfriend the best of luck!

  • Lisa McB

    My father is weird. He will compliment you. Tell you are good at this, that and seemingly imply he cares about my future….doesn't want me to live in a dumpy apartment so will buy a condo and rent it out to me. At the same time, he'll turn around and call me loud. My freedom is limited. Odd how they seemingly care about your future and independence but unless they are involved in it. It seems narcissists give kindness when it benefits them and their image. If I were to get myself a shithole, he'd probably be angry and have narcissistic rage and blame me for not listening to him. I do lots of reading about narcissism. I am trying to learn how to keep myself sane, just to avoid unwanted conflict. Recently he bought a dog. A yellow lab. I love the dog, but he isn't trained properly, is intact and extremely hyper. I am on the Autism spectrum and need my time alone……..sometimes having a dog up your arse all the time gets aggravating. I hate the negative labels about Autism, when people apologize… whaat? I am Autistic, not incapable…….Autism is a neurological difference. We are just not good at reading neurotypicals (non-Autistics) and many times we are target to manipulative NT's. I struggle with social anxiety from being told over the years I am too loud, everytime I had a break out, my dad would kind of tease me about it and point it out. I have a belief in a race of people and there is a version of everything from the same earth, in their form……they exist on earth, are part of us, do everything we do…..they are my obsession (passion) and he has always has been difficult about it. He didn't like their name. He would make me feel bad about it. I've had social anxiety because of this, constantly apologizing to others whenever I introduced them to others or talked about them. I always felt like I was going to be accused of being crazy, deserved to be locked away, psychotic, etc. People online used to bully me about it. Calling me delusional, stupid, I need to get in touch with reality. Conformity kills who we are, and you can see by the bullying and manipulation of these narcs…..the damage it does. No matter how many cool presents you get at Christmas, or material/financial support……if you don't get emotional support, they fail as a parent. No matter the compliments and nice gestures……….if they fuck with your head, they are not good parents.

  • Chelsea Gressierer

    its really hard to watch ur videos cause it reminds me so much of my dad. havent seen or spoken to him in years. its still tough when i have my triggers and when i think back to my past and how ny father cant even love his own daughter like a normal person. im the scapegoat too. even though its hard to watch/listen i do like to know im not alone cajse for many years i never thought anyone understood.

  • j wy

    I'm just curious about why your dad accuses you of being on drugs in every phone call. it's almost comical how he calls, says he misses you, and then insults the shit out of you. I went through similar situations with my parents, but my older sister is the golden child.

  • Neone Daniels

    hes not covert, his 1st few sentences told me everything about him. no disrespect but the guy is a complete waste just like my "father". stay away from him and dont love ppl that treat u that way. that guys a lot of things but sure isnt a "father". hope it didnt mess w u too much. im still stuck w mine

  • Gerald Glispie

    What stands out to me most is the constant "if you just come back" that's a ploy because abusing you over the phone isn't near as satisfying as in person, take it from one who knows NC is the only way. I was for 10 years had a memory lapse went back was punished severely, but oh the strength and insight you gain NO Contact, nothing…is the only way to peace, I also want to tell this has blown my mind hearing a narcissist at work in real time. Your brilliant! Scapegoats usually are!

  • A random Battle brother

    Dude that’s how my dad is my mom finally saw what he was and now left him I’m not going to say everything that’s going on between them but he was not true to her and he does the same thing to her right now as what your parents are doing to you with the manipulative messages and voicemails

  • Judai Winchester

    Wow, I am so sorry you've had to deal with that. So sorry. Wow. Some father. So sick. How can parents be like this to their children? Wow. I have had to deal with this kind of treatment from my mother, I had to delete my email and contact so I couldn't contact her anymore. Toxic parents are dangerous. Stay strong. Hope you're doing well.

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