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Narcissistic Mother’s Perverted Programming Sabotages Their Children’s SEX Lives!

Sex has never been satisfying to me. Why? Let’s discuss it…

Make sure to read the annotations as we analyze it from soup to nuts. This video will blow you away!

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  • The Mouse that Roared

    Some of us were raised to be sex toys.
    My tradeoff was believing I would be loved.
    I, too was told that if I didn't satisfy a man, he would stray.
    (This advice from a woman who strayed )
    I felt like if I didnt, I would be rejected. Guess what? I was rejected anyway. :))
    XX ♡♡♡

  • Alia Meen

    She started accusing me of prostitution at age 13 and never stopped. A year before, she freaked out on me as if she was implying that I was sexually molesting my little brother. "You don't think I know what you are doing. I know." We were just playing.
    She even accused me of lusting for my father. Now he's dead, she says, "He said you are a cheap-ass whore and he is ashamed of you."
    Once, when I returned from an interview, she shouted "I know exactly what shit you are doing for money and you have got to stop."
    Thankfully, the money I got from baby-sitting was spent on toiletries and underwear. I know of other narc moms who failed like her in that area. She started referring to my boobs as 'cows' and I wasn't the only child she had fun sexualizing.
    What should have mattered was teaching me about private parts, puberty, sexual reproduction and contraception. She never did any of that but when I got pregnant she tormented me to have an abortion. I refused. She later told me to seduce one of my wealthy cousins even though she knew I was married. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sue's Journey

    Sex.. So uncomfortable for most of my life. My body was a source of ridicule from both of my parents.. My father especially. At 12, I pretty much stopped eating. Anorexia.. I truly think I just wanted to disappear and I wanted my femininity to die too.
    I performed too.. I just wanted to cover it all up.. My body. Such a source of shame for me. Anxiety and shame, I still carry it.

  • Amazing Polly

    I am so sorry about your mother saying those things to you. I also feel that it puts a weird fog over our sexuality when our mothers do that. Maybe not for everyone but certainly for me and other women I`ve talked to (or just listened to).

    My mother was the same way – always looking at me, saying I had sexy this or sexy that – she highly valued my looks, told me she expected me to come home and tell her about my sex experiences (I of course NEVER EVER did, nothing even close. gross.) `

    the performing thing! OMG yes! I have never heard anyone else admit this – I wonder how many of us feel this way but are too shy or ashamed to say it.

    I love your candor. thank you – you are setting so many people free just by being you.

  • Amazing Polly

    wow. I am concentrating now on the part about porn.
    I wish all ALL young women would hear you and BELIEVE you and get it that you're wise, that you've been there, that you've done the work and you understand the reality. I would love to save other young women the pain of going through this – both the pain of performing in the first place and then the pain of realizing it was all a ruse from the start.
    thank you again for your courage in talking about a topic that for some of us is just too personal to articulate.

  • Shana Rouyea

    My mother told me that sex is disgusting and she reads books during sex… Then she "accused" me of being a lesbian for years starting when I was about 11… Then when a friend's stepfather raped me at 14 she and my grandmother told me that they should "let" that man marry me since no one else would want me. Idk how I made it out with half my sanity. My mother me asked me within the last year why I enjoyed sex and suggested that I was dirty or a whore…never mind that I was married to the same man for 18+ years… Um, I'm so glad I hosted that psycho…and divorced my husband too… I had to get away from all of that. It was killing me. Every time CMM makes a post, I think, "OMG, I relate!" I have always been horribly ashamed of my body because my mother always made lots of comments about my body, I'm too fat, my boobs are too big, I have a mole near my bottom and it's disgusting, etc etc etc, just on and on

  • Jade 21

    I wonder if all narcs are like this? My mother started calling me a slut and a prostitute from the age of 13. The funny thing is I wasn't interested in boys at that age and actually lost my virginity at the age of 24.. She is a hypocrite too because she can't be single for too long she always needs a man in her life but she says she hates them with a passion. she is super jealous of women who dress a bit revealing yet she dresses like that too .. i don't get it. I've always covered up so as to not make her upset so now i am 40 and still can't bring myself to wear shorts. I don't wish a narc parent on my worst enemy.

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