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Narcissistic Mothers Part I

Clinical psychologist Joseph Burgo discusses the behavior of narcissistic mothers, using clips from two popular films: Terms of Endearment (1983) and The Fighter (2010).

Inspired by popular posts about narcissistic mothers and vindictive narcissists from his website, After Psychotherapy, Dr. Burgo’s new eBook — a psychological novella based on the classic Cinderella saga — is now available on Amazon and can be accessed by clicking on the link blow:



  • Jordan G

    What do you do if you are the son of an npd mother, and you were her golden son your whole life, you spent your life being the perfect successful son she wanted, living in the rich snobbish towns we would move to, she isolated us(my sisters and I) physically from any family, and psychologically from friends, saying they were bad, then when you were seventeen years old, she divorced your dad, and randomly moved three thousand miles away into the woods, leaving you behind in the rich town, she then preceded to tell your sisters she had to move because you were unstable, and ungrateful?

    Now you're left with no family, difficulty keeping friends, and
    completely confused about where you came from, and where to go, if you try to
    bring up that there may have been problems in the family, the npd mother laughs
    at you and says it’s all in your head.

    This is my story, I feel like no one can understand, what do I do?

  • Carina Sousa

    Hi! I fell really embarrassed for writting this but I do really need help. I'm already 23; both me and my sister are feeling trapped. My mother seems to display the classic characteristics of a NPD. I grow up being abused physically and emotaionally by my parents. They were agressive, my father fortunately was a workaholic, but my mother spend all day in the house, she never leaves it. The last time was six years ago. She constantly beated us and atacked us verbally, but every time we actually ignored her or say something in return she would cry how much we hate here and how much she is misunderstood (now I don't even answer here). I'm jus tired. We are not allowed to leave house, we must spend all day with her. When I was younger she just let me go to school but I haved to come back after. There was very few time when we actually go to her sisters house, but this was along time ago. My mother spends all day saying how much she suffers, how she can't keep going and that we will find her body one day, that she is a slave, blah, blah, blah. She supposedly cannot leave house because she has actually alot of work (that wath she says to her sisters. She wakes up at 6 A.M and spends all day either working or criticizing us. I think she has a fantasy where she is cinderella. The way she says it, it's like we don't help. But it's like she is fighting against the world and even a small chores she has to do it on a perfectionist way (she wakes up at to to 6 a.m).
    I have agoraphobia but some month ago I began to leave house for at least one hour, trying to get used to the outside world, when my mother find out she shouted that we couldn´t leave, what if she gets sicks and need help, we need to be at her side (she has father in the house when we leaved, it was not like she was alone). We are not aparently allowed to. Some weeks ago she discovered that my sister was using a shirt she hasn´t given her authorization to use. It was a present from a parent but she is so irrational that she screamed the shirt was given to her and belonged to her, and it was for here to decided when my sister was gonna use it. Because who would give a present and say that? I'm very scared deep down, and frozen inside myself. I just feel empty. I have to kill and bury all my emoticons to keep going on just enviroment. I'm almost sure I'm Schizoid and my sister is olbviously also sick. Who won't be with a mother like that? I don't know how to find work, how to pay taxes, how to talk with other people…. Being like that how I'm I gonna leave house? They never teach me competences, I don't know nothing about the outside world 🙁 She says I must always stay with here and one time. when I find courage to ask her, if I could go to the university she sayed she was so tired and why nobody cared about here. To her, I'm just an extencion of herself. I cant keep going listening how she shouln't give birth to me or how much she wanted to abandon me. To every one at the telephone she just seems like a nice women. She fells angry every time someone is in pain because they are stealing here atention (not me, I can no longer fell anthing). What should I do? (Sorry for my english)

  • 3506Dodge

    I've never seen my mother sadder or more hopeless than when I introduced her to my first serious boyfriend and soon to be partner of 10 years. She looked like she wanted to die on the spot. I knew then, that she couldn't, and hadn't, ever really been there for me despite all her efforts at playing the good mother. My sister got out as soon as she could, but I though I could 'save' her somehow. I couldn't.

  • Josh Jackson

    ,,Im just going to put down the numbers/ what if IF it your mother defensive because she knows she done wrong what what never address so its looked over and defined with creates a triggers
    and really wall that forms anger by chose it more be-cums a reflexy mom love to talk about how much shes trying she puts more effert in to acting like she trying then make actions that will fix the problem ,HELP ps wha ummmm heller i think my mom and sister are tag team narcissist might be borer line personality disorder in 15 , my sister is 26 my is past 40 so i live with them ever time i try to address real problems my fam conversation are criticize ever thing and love drama is a life style creating stress on the daily about any thing ,overt and cover interaction and thoughts + feelings ,im only human so i am born this way but i know i can live peacefully ,but at the same time being shamed for have charter ,, one only time my mom deal with a problem is after she a stress about problem or and interaction unless she had the chance to overreact and propagandizes ever thing ever even under stand and reason and logic . i really dont know how to deal with this i really can even speak with these people mt if it your mother . help HELP

  • Athens nike

    Great intro with an appathic gastlighting. Children are an extension of selves. bioglocal products and relatives, also extensions about how they are raise or we would not be talking about the effect of bad childhoods. point is 63 year old and 5 year old both go to a bathroom and complain about a smell. the child leads or is the same level as parent. point is they still look at the kid as they wood a wrench.

  • princess Jasmine

    my mum gave my dinner away today to my brother and she said you should have Been up I did come up but she didn't put it out . the worst thing is I am pregnant and she can't even do shopping right .she even got angry when I was pregnant or when I chat about the baby she's like yeah whatever . she has this new freind they sit in chatting about me and laughing at me if I had the money I would move out right away and cut contact completely. my mum says as much as I am a prostitute and agrees with her freind who doesn't even know me her freind bullys me and she can't stop speaking about me and she brushes of the fact he bullies me she's emotionless but when it comes to her freind she's all sad . my mum's the same she gets on with certain people to and uses them to her advantage I use to listen but now I don't and she is infuriated she says back I won't help you .

  • google user

    I knew nothing about narcissism or narcissistic parents years back but decided both my parents were excellent examples of how parents should not be.. I am a very different parent to my child and a lot of my relatives (whom I now believe are all narcissistic in a way ) are surprised or even jealous maybe of us.

  • Arkenholm

    Livia Soprano from The Sopranos is a good example of a Narcissistic mother even though they mostly talk about her as borderline. I suppose that's because there's overlap in behavior between these personality disorders but I'd still be interested to hear your thoughts on The Sopranos mother if you ever end up watching that show. In fact the whole show is chalk full of personality disorders. Christopher might be another good candidate for Narcissism.

  • Buy Rainbow Stuff

    that first scene is terrifying!…back when I was still talking to my mother, she would sometimes bring up the times I had gotten injured as a baby; she knew being reminded of how neglectful she was upset me, sometimes I wonder whether it was always accidental…

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