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Narcissistic Mother|No Contact|Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms- My Journal Entries 3

My journal entries following the discovery that my mother has npd. This is following the discard when I am moving out of her home, and eventually going no contact. June 27th/15 – Sept 17/15.

I am not a mental health professional nor am I an academic expert on npd or cptsd. I am here to share my story both past and present as I continue on a journey of recovery from cptsd.











  • Maxi Bake

    Hi PH, I think you were incredibly brave, coming off an anti-depressant, the hormonal menopausal fun I can relate too, & trying to enforce No Contact all at the very same time, plus the grief of the discovery off Narcssism, because it is grief, to discover we were never truly loved it's a whole lotta grief. When you say you were confused, well I'm not surprised hun. Some off those symptoms of the Zoloft withdrawal, are very similar to CPTSD too, I think you got everything all at once there. I hope your coming through the other side off it all OK, or at least eventually will be coming through it OK. Take it all slowly, & try not to push yourself too much. Bit by bit, day by day, like Tom says. Take care hun & Big hugs 2 U xx ❤🙂🐕

  • BradByron100

    It’s a tough decision but the right one to leave. The NPD Is incapable of love even to their own children they only want to destroy, destroy, destroy. People with normal loving parents can never understand what we went through

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